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The Only Love Recruiter Exclusively for Men in Arizona

Experience exclusive matchmaking service designed around each client’s specific desires and needs for a partner. Joann will introduce you to the woman who is well-suited for you physically, emotionally and shares your values.

Stop wasting time in dating that goes nowhere and focus on your busy life. Joann will take over searching, recruitment, evaluation for compatibility and be your Dating Concierge handling all the logistics of your first dates. 

You will immediately meet women who have been selected for you.  As Joann works only with a select number of men, she focuses her time to create immediate results.

Joann limits the number of Clients she accepts to provide the time and attention they deserve. If you are ready to stop wasting time and be with the woman you have truly desired, take the next step.

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With over 10 years of experience and a perfect track record of ZERO divorces, Joann has earned praise from the national media as Phoenix’s Top Dating Coach and Matchmaker. Joann only accepts men as clients so you can be sure the women you meet are because they’re a perfect fit, and not just paying to be there. 

Matchmaking For Men

Joann helps her clients find the perfect match through her unique 5 step process. Starting with an Assessment during an initial confidential meeting, Joann learns about who you are, your past, needs and desires. Using that information she begins the Campaign process where she creates a recruitment strategy based on your preferences and dealbreakers to find the best women you’ve always wanted to meet. Every woman is pre-screened. Joann then sets up and handles all the logistics of your first date so you can just arrive and create a great Connection. Following the date, Joann hears Feedback from you and your date, providing insight you would otherwise never hear. Once you Fall In Love, Joann is still there for you, to help with any relationship questions.

Matchmaking For Women

Are you a woman who wants to meet a relationship minded man? While Joann doesn’t accept paying female clients, women are still encouraged to complete a profile to find out if Joann has any possible matches for you. If she does, Joann will contact you for an individual one on one meeting to get to know all about you. Often women find these meetings help in all areas of their love lives. After the meeting, Joann will decide if you are a match for a current client and arrange for you to meet him. Joann and her clients are only looking for women serious about looking for a lifelong relationship. If you are serious about looking for love, fill out a profile today. 

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