3 Ways to Make Yourself More Attractive to Women

Make Yourself More Attractive to Women

2020 is approaching and that means it’s time to think about ways to improve and even reinvent yourself for the new year. We are starting a new decade! Time to step up your dating game. There are many ways to make sure you are presenting your best self and putting your best foot forward. Discover some easy tips to make your more attractive to women.

Start your new year with a spark! Try out these three alterations to your identity that can help you land the woman of your dreams.

Clean Up Your Appearance

Your look and style are undoubtedly where your personality stems from. Experimenting with your appearance is a great way to test the waters and create some changes. And make a improved first impression on women.

A great place to start is with your wardrobe. Because your clothing can say a lot about your personality just from the get-go. Especially for dates, make sure you have a healthy mix of classy attire along with your normal clothes. Putting a bit of a polish on your wardrobe is easy. Adding well fitted sweaters and nice shoes to your existing wardrobe can create a positve impression. You’re going to appear accomplished, serious, and attractive. Reinvent yourself through your clothing!

Make Yourself More Attractive to Women

Next, focus on the grooming habits that can have you looking handsome and more put together. Cleaning up your look can give you a fresh feel and can make for a standout impression among women. Being a regular at your barbershop is a great place to start, which means keeping your hair styled and up to par. Decide on a hairstyle that looks best for you and maintain it. Keep it styled with proper hair supplies, and keep it combed throughout the day and into the night. 

The same goes for your facial hair, which should well-kept to avoid any mishaps. This starts with the variety of shaving products you choose to give you the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re trimming your beard and mustache or shaving it all off, these different choices can all make different impressions, so choose wisely!

Play to turn-ons and turn-offs

The key to dating is picking up on the possible turn-ons and turn-offs as you meet and approach potential dates. One study showed that the main pet peeve among people is personal hygiene habits and bad breath. Of course – don’t eat a spicy garlic meal the day of your date.  Also to avoid this, stay on top of your teeth brushing and mouthwash usage. There’s no better combination than fresh minty breath and an interesting conversation. For on-the-go purposes, try to keep a pack of gum or spare mints on your person for a quick kill-off of bad breath.

Another turn-off is getting too heavily involved with technology, especially your phone. Going on dates is tough, but being on your phone isn’t the answer either. This can take away from the valuable facetime with a potential girlfriend.

Many women find excessive cell phone usage rude and a sign of a shallow personality. Make a habit to put your phone away when you’re on a date. Your phone can be a great flirting too. If you’re both having a great time, get a selfie together. AND – This gives you an easy excuse to get close to her.

There are plenty of turn-ons you can work to your advantage. They can give you that extra piece of uniqueness to make you stand out. A simple one is applying a light layer of cologne right before meeting someone new. Adding a nice scent to your appearance can impress a lady. But don’t overindulge because she’ll be trying to keep her distance from you.

Finally, work on perfecting your conversation.

Intelligence is Sexy

As a Matchmaker, I am constantly meeting with beautiful women as possible matches for my clients. Their common desire? To be with a smart man. A man who knows more than the football scores or the latest restaurant opening in Scottsdale. 

Being knowledgeable about a variety of topics is very attractive for many women. Also study up on good ice-breakers, current topics, and remember, don’t forget to be a good listener!

Make Yourself More Attractive to Women

Body language and first impressions

First impressions are very important, and you only get one chance, so it’s important to make it right. There are many ways to improve your body language when it comes to dating. The most important (and easiest) is to work on your smile. Learning to love your smile is the easiest way to embrace a person into your world. It sheds light on who you are as a person.

The addition of politeness and manners can turn you into a heartthrob instantly. Many women point out rudeness and arrogance as huge turn offs. So make sure you’re confident but not arrogant and rude to the wait staff.

Next, work on the trio of good listening, eye contact, and being well-spoken. A conversation should be two-sided. That means letting her speak. Then responding that demonstrates understanding and empathy. Combine this with a yee contact that adds intimacy. Active listening combined with good eye contact, show s you’re actually interested in what she’s saying.. Finally, be well-spoken when it comes to the conversation you’re making. It’s okay to be nervous on a first date. But you still need to not swear, use poor grammer or give simple yes or no answers to every question.

The new year is meant for new beginnings. These tips can help you land the girl of your dreams, so it’s time to get looking!

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