5 Online Dating Red Flags


5 Online Dating Red Flags

Online Dating?

Be careful of these 5 Online Dating Red Flags

As a  Dating Coach and Matchmaker, I am continually working with my clients in their online dating and dating apps,  Assisting  on several online dating sites for my clients, reading emails, reviewing profiles and  helping my clients figure who are good matches and who they should pass on. The List TV show interviewed me about Unusual Online Dating Red Flags. Look out for these 5 Online Dating Red Flags

First, I am hoping you not missing the basic red flags of online dating –

Your Never/Ever break Rules– Never send money to someone you don’t know (or send it to me and I’ll at least send you a photo of the clothes I bought ;-); have someone pick you up at your home (that means guys too– there are crazy women online too!); skip people who don’t have photos posted (they all say they have a special job that prevents them, sigh); don’t get in the car with an online date, etc. Got the Basics?

The 5 Online Dating Red Flags You Don’t Want to Miss

  • It’s All About Who They Want

Their profile of who they’re looking for is much longer than describing themselves. They have a long list ofeverything they want in a person. There isn’t much – or anything  – about them but all about who they want. It’s precise, specific and it’s the perfect person. No one is a Perfect Person or Partner. You won’t ever measure up and they will be back online looking again for that perfect person. Pass!

  • Pass the Whine

Singles who complain and whine about their failed relationships, online dating, how life has treated them, the other sex and what they don’t want (no players, no serial daters, no crazy women!). These aren’t people who have it rough but bitter people. Take a chance to meet them and you’ll find them whining about you in their updated profile. Pass!

  • Too Much Touch

Their love language is Touch and they talk about it – frequently– in their profiles. There are constant  mentions of – sensual; touching; PDA; someone not afraid to show her body; long, wet kisses; and on and on. Too many times in a profile and this is someone who isn’t looking for anything serious.

They think the 3 Date Rule is too strict. (The 3 date rule is having sex on the third date.) Unless you’re looking for a fling – Pass!

  • They’ll date Your Son or Daughter

Their age range starts so young, it’s just creepy.

They say they look young for their age, identify with a younger mind set, too active for people their own age –the list goes on. If their age range is too young, they may date you but truly want to get lucky with a much younger person. Pass!

  • Email Pals 

If it’s 5 or more ongoing emails without a suggestion to talk or meet, you got an email pen pal. You’re online to meet someone – in real life.

The Email Pal is someone who wants to have their egos stroked by emailing multiple people; too socially awkward to actually meet anyone; married or some other way – not available. You can spend weeks and months emailing without ever meeting. Pass!

Pay attention to these red flags and you’ll meet more great people online and not waste time with those who aren’t right for you.

And why go online? Because the studies are showing that online dating is now the second most common way singles are starting relationships. Don’t miss finding the right one. Pay attention and you’ll be meeting the ones you want to meet – fast.

For more about 5 Online Dating Red Flags Red Click here for the Interview

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