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How to Get Your Best Online Dating Profile

As a Virtual Dating Assistant and Phoenix Dating Coach, I am always evaluating and helping my clients create great and genuine Profiles. I love finding the real interesting person that is hidden behind a drab profile. We create profiles that change ho-hum profiles to ones they feel proud of AND– attracts the type of singles they want to meet. As one of my clients said recently – “I didn’t know I was that interesting. I want to date me!” How to get Your Best Online Dating Profile?

Here are 5 easy ways to Get Your Best Online Dating Profile. Instantly change a dull Internet Profile to one that shows the unique you:

  1. What do you write?  Research shows the most appealing state the best personal ad is 70 percent about you and 30 percent about who you are looking for. Don’t worry about getting an exact word count. Just eyeball it. A few words more in either category isn’t going to make a big difference. But change it if your profile is all about you or all about who you are looking for. You’ll come across as self centered or picky. Keep a balance.
  2.  What’s in it for the Reader? When you write your profile, describe yourself first and then who you are looking for. Remember your readers will be asking “Who cares?” and “What’s in it for me?” So you were born in Florida and moved to Texas at age 3. Does this really matter to your reader? Writing where you went to high school doesn’t make your profile more appealing. Another way is to imagine this was a personal written for the newspaper and that you paid for each word. Would you want anything in it that didn’t capture your reader’s attention to be worth the cost? Keeping this simple idea will help you write an effective personal that appeal to the singles you want to meet.
  3. Write like you talk. The good news is this isn’t a school or work paper. Your online dating profile should sound like you –  not be a formal thesis. You can have a friend interview you (you pick the questions) and have them type as you talk. This will make your profile sound like you because it is exactly what you said!
  4. What’s unique about you? Why would someone want to go out with you? Do you travel to unique places? Cook some amazing dishes? Have unusual hobbies?  Can you fix anything around the house?  Describe who you are and the things you like in a few sentences. This will allow your reader to feel who you are. I have found what clients thought were “no big deal” were actually qualities that are very attractive to others. For example you can write “I have become an avid Salsa dancer and go dancing at least twice a week. It’s kept me fit and I have now have a close circle of friends that go out dancing all the time. It’s always lots of exercise, laughter and fun.”
  5. Can They  Feel You? The secret to your best online dating profile is to write so your reader can see, hear, and feel what it would be like to be there with you. Don’t list descriptions in long rambling sentences such as: “I like hiking, eating out, music, dancing, movies, reading.” “I enjoy the beach, traveling, nice restaurants, cooking” So BORING!! (Doesn’t this sound like most personals you read?) Instead write what you like to do and give specific examples. “I like big, long dinners with friends and family, sitting over wine, talking and laughing for hours while the dog sneaks food.” By being specific, you will invite more responses and attract your best match faster.

And here’s what I’ve learned over the years about how to get Your Best Online Dating Profile:

Every single person I’ve ever assisted with Online profiles is interesting. I sometimes have to drag it out of them, threaten, cajole and just plain nag to get them to talk about themselves but I’ve never met a dull person. So I know –  you’ve got it in you to have an exceptional profile.  Don’t hide behind a boring profile.

Still feeling stuck? Want help?  Get an expert’s opinion about your Online Dating Profile and some easy suggestions to make it a profile you love. https://www.joanncohen.com

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