Surprising Tips For A Great First Date

First date tips


Surprising Tips For A Great First Date


A great first date can be full of magical moments you never forget or can be a tedious exercise in patience and awkwardness. This dating advice blog will tell you 5 Surprising Tips For A Great First Date!

As a Phoenix Matchmaker, I’ve noticed with my clients that those who approach dating with a certain mindset are much more successful. Is having a great first date magic or just a talent someone has? No.

Fortunately you can learn to be a great dater and these 5 Surprisings tips for a great first date are designed to help you start now.

1. Focus on Fun

A lot of people put so much pressure on themselves that they set themselves up for failure. Instead of thinking, “I hope to have some fun tonight,” many people think, “I hope she likes ME!” or “I hope he is THE ONE and I’m going to ask him a million questions to TEST him!”

Instead of having a fun night, the encounter starts to resemble a job interview. No wonder, dating turns into a chore or you get frustrated by your failures.

Take the pressure off and focus on having fun with another person. Tell some jokes, focus on hilarious topics, and save deep questions about religion, politics, and past lovers for later.

2. Keep it Short

It is hard to converse with someone you’ve just met. Make it easy on yourself by scheduling your dates for one or two hours.

This takes away the pressure of having to plan activities and think up interesting conversation topics.

Save longer dates for when you’ve gotten to know them better.

3. Explore Unusual Places

Ever wonder why Hollywood dates all end on the top of buildings or in fast moving cars?

The simple truth is that this is more exciting!

Be like Hollywood and avoid the typical coffee shop, restaurant, or bar for the first date.

Go somewhere unusual and exciting. Visit a public park with an overlooked statue, play miniature golf (my suggestion  when I was on TLC’s The 650 Pound Virgin and David Smith’s Favorite  First Date), attend a wine tasting, or rent a tandem bike and zoom through town.

Create an experience that is different, fun, and exciting to break up the monotony of first dates.

4. Spend Less

This isn’t about being cheap, it is about having a better date. Most men think they have to drop $50 to $100 to impress their date and this adds a lot of pressure and expectations to both people.

An inexpensive date is less of a financial investment, so the man can worry more about getting to know her. She feels less pressure to be live up to all the money you have spent and can have fun with you.

Both people can relax and see if there is a real connection. Get Phoenix’s Matchmaker Inexpensive Date Ideas by clicking here

5. Tease each other

Learn the art of playfully teasing someone and you will be much better at dating.

Many people try to be so polite and nice that they just come off as fake and boring. Teasing creates a dynamic of sexual tension, attraction, and fun that is important in love.

Just be sure to do it with a playful spirit and a big smile.

And an extra bonus tip of how to have a great first date – RELAX. No matter how attractive your date – focus on getting to know him or her. Don’t worry about impressing.

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