Holiday Party Survival Tips for Singles

Holiday Party Survival Tips for Singles for scottsdale dating

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! Seasonal parties are gearing up and are definitely where a lot of the festive spirit can be found…unless you’re a shy single and are haunted by the Ghost of Socially Awkward Holiday Parties Past. Not in a relationship – yet – you need Holiday Party Survival Tips for Singles.

Whether it’s a work party, a block party, a holiday fundraiser or a New Year’s Eve party where you only know the host or hostess, we’ve got some handy holiday Party Survival Tips for Singles tips and tricks. Learn how to navigate the holiday party with confidence and panache. Be your own dating service: you’ll leave every party having made a few new friends (or maybe even having collected a few new phone numbers) — guaranteed.

Join the odd man (or woman) out

See that guy or gal standing awkwardly the punch bowl all by themselves? Maybe their friends are running late or completely bailed on them. Maybe they just arrived and don’t know anyone either. They’ll be relieved when you say hello and warmly ask them how they know the party hosts. Now you both know someone at the party — each other! And when their friends finally arrive, you’ll be introduced more cool new people.

Holiday Party Survival Tips for Singles

Hang by the food table

Most party guests swing by the food table at some time during the party. Stand at the end and engage guests in conversation once they have their food. Ask them what’s delicious and what you should get. Everyone likes to talk about food. Bonus? You’re oh-so-close to the guacamole, deviled eggs and cheese canapes. Yum!

Phoenix singles Holiday Party Survival Tips for Singles

Start slinging drinks

Party hosts can be overwhelmed at their own events. Ask them if they’d like you to be the honorary bartender for the next hour while they greet their guests and mingle. Most hosts and hostesses will be relieved and absolutely take you up on your offer. Pour some wine, mix some simple cocktails and chat with the party-goers in a relaxed way. (Nothing breaks the ice like pouring them a glass of whiskey on the rocks.) Then, when you’re tired of the bar, rejoin the party. You’ll already have talked to many of the guests and will undoubtedly be popular by association.

Social ease comes in threes

Do you see two people chatting with each other at a party? Unless you can sense some serious chemistry happening, feel free to interject and introduce yourself. You’re not interrupting — they’re happy to meet you! Why? Because when two people are standing together at a party, they either came together but are too shy to mix and mingle OR they’ve met at the party and don’t know how to escape their conversation to meet other people. You’ve just solved all of your problems with a single “Hello!” Nice work!

Look at their feet

Less about meeting people and more about reading body language, if someone’s feet are pointed towards you during a conversation at a party, you can rest assured they’re engaged in the conversation. If their feet are pointing away from you, they’re bored or would rather be talking to someone else. Read the cues and excuse yourself to join another conversation or swing by the refreshments table.

Good luck and party on!

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