About Joann Cohen Matchmaking

Joann Cohen is a Matchmaker for successful single men and women who desire passionate and healthy relationships that last. Nationally recognized as Phoenix’s Top Dating Coach by the national media,  Joann has appeared on numerous TV, radio and print publications including TLC, USAToday, ABC News, Arizona Republic, Redbook Magazine, Phoenix Magazine and more.

A natural born matchmaker, Joann Cohen has a flair for matching the right women to her fabulous, smart, attractive male clients.  You will find her at Art Events, Charity functions and anywhere exceptional singles can be found. A skilled Recruiter, Joann is relentless in her mission to add new quality women to her database and to find “the right woman” that her client desires.

Joann Cohen Matchmaking was founded after years of successful recruitment positions in the medical, technology and advertising fields.  She began her boutique matchmaking to assist upscale singles in the Phoenix area with finding healthy love that lasts.  She focuses 100% on her passion – meeting and matching attractive, smart and relationship-minded people. Her successful male matchmaking clients include attorneys, doctors, CEOs, and top executives. What they have in common is being smart, selective and looking for the right one.

Her clients call her the Matchmaker that really listens and does whatever is necessary to make their perfect match.  Joann’s M.Ed. degree with a focus in Counseling and Human Relations, along with her Dating Coach experience, allows her to hear what is said and what is really meant.

More than matching attractive singles, she spends the time to get to know every man and woman before they are introduced. Using her skills as a Dating Coach, she assists her clients in how to make changes to attract and keep their perfect match.  Known for communicating the naked truth, the media has called her the Matchmaker who delivers common sense. 

Joann truly believes that having the right love partner makes the difference between a life that is okay and a life that is truly passionate, abundant and fulfilling.  Life without love is like food without spice – dull and unsatisfying.

Joann moved to Arizona from New Hampshire and has never missed the snow.

  • Turn-ons – authenticity, flirting, humor.
  • Turnoffs – players, dishonesty.
  • Superpowers – mind reading (clients wonder if she’s a mind reader).
  • Languages – bilingual; Menglish and Womanese (she speaks both men and women).

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Joann Cohen smiling

“I am driven, focused and use traditional matchmaking and the latest technology to find my clients their  ideal match. My Clients describe me as genuine, authentic and focused. I work with busy, successful men who are as relationship goal minded. They have decided to not waste time and let the Expert – Me – to find the woman they have always wanted.”

Joann Cohen

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The Phoenix Matchmaker

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