Are You Addicted to Crazy Women?

are you addicted to crazy.girlAre you addicted to crazy women?

Of course not.

There is no way you are addicted to crazy women.

You’re a well-adjusted guy who’s looking for that sweet woman who will be supportive, nurturing, who knows how to have fun and appreciates you. You just have a habit of dating crazy women. A lot. Frequently, maybe often. But hey, it’s not your fault. You just seem to keep ending up with those crazy girls. You can not be addicted to crazy women.

As Phoenix Matchmaker and Dating Coach,  men  tell me their crazy chick stories. And some have a habit of dating them. The women who stalked them;  threw scenes in public, were loving and then minutes later nasty; seemed to not get along with friends, family;  kept losing jobs; got drunk at the worse times. And the men couldn’t figure out why they kept getting into relationships with them.

Why do they have such bad luck?

Of course, it’s not luck. These men are drawn to the crazy girls like a moth to the flame. And it’s usually two main reasons. Of course, The first  is sex.

Because the sex with the crazy women is usually awesome, crazy and she does all the stuff you’ve probably only seen in the movies (yeah – those movies).  As Phoenix Matchmaker – I have heard it all.  How she’s ready to do things, maybe even in public, that get you hot. When she has done something too much and you’re ready to dump her, she draws you back with crazy sex. “Just one more time” you say to yourself but you are hooked again. You tell yourself you’ll break it off – eventually. In the meantime, you’re on an emotional roller coaster as she takes you on her crazy ride. Your life has every day stress as you monitor and try to control her.  Your life becomes as crazy as her.

The second reason men keep dating crazy women is they love being rescuers. They date women who just “need” them. These women have been lousy backgrounds, abusive relationships, work issues, and just seem like a helpless kitten. But they are the opposite of helpless.  In reality you are the mouse that the kitten is playing with. You just do not know it.

You feel you can “fix it”. You can see how she needs help and you know you can make her and her life all better. You like feeling needed and you know you can straighten her out. But after bailing her out time and time again, you begin to feel tired and drawn into her dramatic life. You listen for hours as she talks about how people have mistreated her, her awful upbringing, that she’s not getting a fair break and she needs help. The situation is a black hole that keeps you putting increasing time (and often money) into.

And you cannot save her.  Because she does not want to be saved.  She is actually manipulating you to keep providing  attention – but there’s never enough.

You may have had a few – or a lot – of the crazy women relationships. And if you have a pattern, you may have become addicted to the highs and lows. Drama free women may seem quite boring, not attractive or sexy enough. Being with a woman who appreciates you for who you are and not how she can manipulate you, who reacts calmly to bumps in the road, approves of you and just likes you can seem boring!

What to do if you are addicted to crazy girls?

The cure is to stop all crazy girl dating and to date outside your type – the nice girls. You may find yourself still being drawn to the wild girl, but you need to go cold turkey like the addict who wants just another fix.  When you start dating a new woman, watch for the warning signs and get out before you are in another crazy relationship.  And remember the more longer and more often that you have dated the crazy girl, the longer it will take for you to stop being with them.

If you can not break the pattern, then you can contact professional help. In Phoenix my friend, Jason Fierstein, a Male Counselor who specializes in working with men and relationships is awesome. He helps men get where they want to be much faster than going it alone with giving up the crazy dating habits.

And if you do not date crazy girls and ready to meet attractive, Sane, drama free and intelligent women, then contact me, THE Phoenix MatchMaker.  I will  help you get a healthy relationship that lasts.

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