Are You in The Clown Zone?

clown zoneHave you taken the humor too far – Are You in The Clown Zone?

Being with a man that can make a woman laugh is always a top priority. It’s always there with her top things with what a woman wants in a man. But how do you know if you can bring your humor or you’ve gone too far when you meet a woman? Are You in The Clown Zone?

Everyone likes to play, sure. It’s in our nature to have a celebratory side. One that plays for no reason other than to just play. This is a VERY attractive trait to have as a man. If you know how to lead with your humor, you’re in. And the key is to show Your Sense of Humor – it has to be. It’s like the question from the detective to Jessica Rabbit in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”

“What do you SEE in that guy?” Her response?

“He makes me laugh.”

Getting a woman to smile is a Big deal. But there’s a line. Once you cross that line you can have a tough time saving the situations.

You’re in the CLOWN ZONE.

You’ve gotten so silly that this woman looks at you like you can’t take ONE thing seriously. You’re always “on” by making jokes and she feels there’s no depth to you. She is getting weary of your constant joking. You’re the comic and she’s the audience. She’s envisioning a life of living with Robin Williams when he’s always on. A little bit is great – too much is exhausting. Although this may actually make you laugh, you may need to consider a few things so you don’t fall into that spot. It’s nearly as deadly as the FRIEND ZONE.

What’s the easiest way to avoid this pitfall?

Don’t tell jokes. Just kidding. Instead spread your jokes or funny stories through a conversation.You could easily tell some jokes, step back, and bring in some normal conversation. It’ll allow you to keep the conversation going without overwhelming the poor girl with an image of BOZO the Clown with your face slapped on. Think of your jokes as a way to want to know you better. She likes your personality enough to wonder what else you do. Or she’ll feel comfortable to tell you about herself. It’s Balance, my friends.

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