Are Your Text Messages Scaring Her Away?

Scottsdale Matchmaker-Are Your Text Messages Scaring Her away?

Are Your Text Messages Scaring Her Away?

Your text messages can increase her attraction to you or repel her as quickly as having a piece of spinach between your teeth. If you are texting and find that she isn’t responding or responding with very short answers, you may be making some common text message mistakes.

As The Phoenix Matchmaker, I hear what women are really feeling about what men do, including text messaging. When they tell you – they are too busy; see you as a friend; or just don’t feel the chemistry, all excuses you may often hear, those aren’t the real reasons. Just excuses. Find out   the real reasons how your Your Text Messages are turning her off. Are Your Text Messages Scaring Her Away? Keep reading and find out if you are unknowingly making texting mistakes that are killing women’s attraction to you.

Text Mistake 1: You Wait Too Long

You’ve read on some dating message board that you should wait 3 days before texting her to show you’ve got a life and she’s not the only woman out there, etc.  I am not sure who wrote that rule, or who thinks it will work but let’s do a little bit of reality checking.

You got her number so you know she wants to go out with you. Maybe. The harsh reality is women give out their numbers for a variety of reasons – including just trying to get rid of you.  Don’t be thinking, planning or wasting your time if she isn’t interested in you. And if she is interested in you, chances are that you are not the only man texting her. If you wait too long she may forget who you are or move onto someone else. Don’t wait to text her.

Text Mistake 2: You’re Boring Her

You use the same old texts that she gets from most guys. “How’s Your Day?” “You’re a cutie.”  You aren’t like all the other guys so don’t act like them. Don’t send the same overdone text messages that every guy is using on her. Your text messages should create a feeling within her that she wants to hear more from YOU. And a text “What did you do last night?” isn’t creating any feeling but boredom.

Are Your Text Messages Scaring Her Away?

Text Mistake 3: You immediately start sexting her

Are Your Text Messages Scaring Her Away?

Yes, she gave you her phone number – which is not saying she wants to go to bed with you or even date you. Sexting to her and what parts of her body you like, what you want to do to her or asking to “hang out” at the last minute screams player and that is not the message you want to send. And of course – that includes “sexy” photos.

If you just met her – don’t ask her and don’t send sexy photos. Women know that you want to take them to bed. But rushing from phone number to the bed will be a turn off to the woman you want to be your girlfriend (I’m assuming that’s why you read my blogs….) to get a girlfriend than to get as many girls in bed as you can.

Text Mistake 4: You Aren’t Funny

As a Phoenix Matchmaker I meet dozens of beautiful women every month. They share with me what they really want in a man. And humor is on the top of women’s lists. If you’re the guy that makes a woman laugh, you are going to dominate the list of the men who are pursuing her. Humor is the secret ingredient that makes men attractive to women.

And the good news is everyone has a sense of humor, so don’t be afraid to show some of yours. Your text messages should be funny, tease her without being mean or falling into the clown zone. Because the clown zone is making mistake number 5…..

Text Mistake 5: You sound desperate

Your text messages sound needy – you are over complimenting, are LOLing at every funny remark,  every text is a joke (which gets boring after too many), and pointless texting going on and one – but never asking her out.  Desperation is a bucket of water over killing any flame of desire she has for you. When men sounds desperate and needy, women immediately put them into the friend zone. And unfortunately the friend zone is difficult to escape once you’re put there. Women take friends shopping, never to bed.

If it’s done well texting can build attraction but done wrong it can do have the opposite effect. Avoid these basic texting mistakes by creating texts that are timely, funny, and part of your plan to get to know her.  Remember humor and confidence are the top ways to build attraction with women. Don’t wimp out on lame texts instead show your funny and confident side and get the date you want.

To find out more about Are Your Text Messages Scaring Her Away? check out my dating advice for men blogs.  For more dating advice from THE Phoenix Matchmaker, click here.

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