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If you want to be proactive about finding love in today’s digital age, dating apps maybe something to try. Of course, you can meet someone by working with a Matchmaker like me. But if that’s not possible –  dating apps can work.  There are a lot of dating apps out there.  What is the best dating app for you?

Before you dive headfirst into the online dating pool, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, when it comes to best dating apps for 2020, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Some apps will be better suited for you than others. And since nobody has time (or energy) to test drive all the apps, you’ll need to do your homework ahead of time.

There are many factors to take into consideration such as age, religion and location. To help you get started, I’ve created a guide of best dating apps for 2020 based on all three:

Best Dating App for You – Age 20s


Tinder or Bumble: The average user on Tinder is 18 to 24 and Bumble is slightly older with users who are in the 18 to 29 age range.

These two apps are most popular among the younger dating generation. Many younger daters are looking for a casual hookup, and as a result, they don’t apply the same level of screening into their dates. If your goal is a night of fun, why would you necessarily care about someone’s values and beliefs?

Based on the sheer volume of users on Tinder, it’s not surprising that older users experience dating burnout faster than younger users. If you’re trying to find a Catholic, traditional guy who enjoys travel and photography, you’re basically looking for a needle in a haystack. The bottom line: Tinder is not ideal if you’re looking for something specific. But if you’re younger and want to go on a bunch of dates and meet all different types of people, this app is a good fit.

Best Dating App for You – 20s and 30s

Hinge: The average user is between the ages of 24 and 32.

This dating app is best for people who want a genuine connection, but don’t want to commit to a paid app like Match. Hinge is unique because it combines the modern feel of swiping with more relationship-centric features and questions.

Best dating apps Best Dating Apps: Age, Religion, and Location

Best Dating App  for You – Mid 30s and 40s

Match: The average age for users is between 35 and 44.

Marketed as a relationship-focused dating app, Match is intended for those who are looking for the real deal. With a lengthy questionnaire and paid monthly membership, this app is an investment. On the plus side, you know the other users are also serious about getting serious.

Best Dating App  for You – Over 40


Zoosk: While the age range is wider than most of the other apps, Zoosk is ranked highly for the older dating crowd. It’s highly sophisticated algorithm helps users find what they’re looking for, making it one of the best dating apps for 2020.

One of the big perks of this app is its strict identify verification process. There is no doubt you are who you say you are (at least in the looks department).

Older users are more afraid of catfishing – and for good reason. Of course, we know it’s tempting to use your photos from 10 years ago! But please, let’s keep it real for everyone’s sake.

Best Dating Apps: over 40

Best Dating App  for You- Over 50


Lumen: On most generic dating apps, there’s no denying that the pool over 50 is small. Lumen is specifically designed for singles in their 50s and beyond. This dating app focuses on matching people who share similar interests, facilitating genuine connection and conversation.

The photos are 100% verified and each profile contains a detailed bio. So, daters can rest assured they are getting the full scope of potential matches.

Best Dating App  for You – Religion


Christian Mingle: This app specializes in connecting faith-filled Christians with a detailed profile that showcases your values, beliefs and passions. It’s the leading Christian dating app with 3.5 million monthly users.

While its layout is more basic compared to other dating apps, you’re guaranteed matches that you’re highly compatible with. Less browsing, more dating – Amen to that! All Christian Mingle members can create a profile and search the database for other uses. Premium subscription gives you access to the messaging feature and enhanced privacy control.


JDate: This dating app has one of the most impressive success rates with 52% of Jewish marriages that resulted from meeting online. This is more than all the dating sites combined.

In terms of features, there’s a chat, forums, a newsfeed of event listings, and expert dating advice. Paying members have access to videos, chat and real-time audio. A free membership only allows you to create a profile and search for other members.

Similar to Match, JDate hosts events in your local area to connect the Jewish community.


Muzmatch: As the leading Muslim dating app in the world, Muzmatch has helped over 2,000,000 singles find their perfect match.

Focusing exclusively on Muslims, this app helps members find dating and marriage partners while remaining true to their Islamic beliefs. You can filter Muslims in your area by ethnicity, sect, how often they pray and more.


According to PC Mag, who conducted a survey of dating app usage across the U.S., Tinder was the most popular in 27 states, and Match came in second at 17 states. The remaining states were a mix of Bumble, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid and Zoosk but the numbers did not come close to Tinder or Match.

So, if you’re looking to increase your odds and join apps with the highest number of users Tinder and Match are the way to go. This is particularly true in the bigger cities like New York City. While Tinder may get a bad reputation, there are many married couples who met on Tinder.

In terms of the religious-focused dating apps, such as JDate there are better locations than others. For example, JDate is not as popular in Phoenix as it is in NYC.

The demographic results were also interesting, and showed “32 percent of Tinder users were ages 18 to 24, and 38 percent of that age group prefers Tinder above the rest,” PC Mag reports. “This is the only age group where the percentage of respondents preferring any one dating app eclipses those who answered ‘none.’ Although dating apps have become part of our culture, plenty of people are already in relationships, and others simply prefer dating the old-fashioned way.”

Regardless of what dating app you’re using, it’s important to communicate what you’re looking for. If you want a committed relationship, you only have yourself to blame if you go on date with guys who only post shirtless selfies.

Best Dating App

Find the Dating App that’s Right for You


Now that you know the best dating apps for 2020, you can choose the one that meets your needs. As much as we wished online dating came with a handbook, there are ways to increase your chances of success. One of the biggest causes of dating burnout is wasting time on the wrong apps.

Do yourself a favor. Make sure you put the time into researching the one that’s a fit for you. By following the guidelines above and staying positive, you’re well on your way!

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