Best Dating Apps for Relationships

what are the best dating apps for relationships

It’s that time of night again – swipe time. Time to mentally brace yourself. You pour a glass of wine and take a deep breath. Okay, let’s do this. When it comes to the best dating apps for relationships, you’ve done your research and you’re ready to find the partner of your dreams. You scroll through your messages and sigh – more cheesy pickup lines from shirtless gym guy number 1, 2 and 3. Ugh, come on!

It’s no wonder dating apps get a bad rep. But before you throw in the towel, did you know people who meet online progress faster to marriage than people who meet offline? The reason for this is two-fold:

First, the bigger the dating pool, the more selection you have. The beauty of online dating is that you can gather a lot of useful information about your date before meeting. For example, if having children is important to you and his profile says “no kids”, you don’t need to wait five dates to have an awkward conversation. In the long run, this can save you a great deal of time and energy.

Second, you can talk to your date before meeting to learn more about his or her personality. Pre-date communication (preferably phone call, not text!) speeds up the courtship stage so you will know sooner rather than later if you both click.

If a long-term relationship is what you seek you’re in the right place – you just need to know where to look. Navigating the world of digital dating can be a challenge. While dating apps were designed to make finding love easier, it can be confusing and overwhelming to sort through the wide variety of options available – especially if you’re looking for something long-term. In a search that can seem endless, you’re left asking yourself: What are the best dating apps for relationships? Out of those, which one is a best fit for me? How can I increase my chances of finding someone who is a good match?

Top 5 Best Dating Apps for Relationships

  1. OkCupid

As one of the first dating sites, OkCupid has stood the test of time with a member database that continues to expand. First, users must fill out a detailed profile, which includes your interests, lifestyle, the type of relationship you’re looking for (casual, short-term, serious, and so on). This is used to measure your compatibility against other users so while you’re swiping you see a customized percentage that comes with each user. In other words, when you see 50% you probably have little in common, but when you see 90% – can you hear the church bells ringing?

According to a Consumers Research survey, “roughly 32 percent of OkCupid users ended up in relationships lasting longer than one month, with 20 percent of total users making beyond six months.” This is significantly higher compared to Tinder whose “users reported the least success with ending up in relationships of any duration and trailed the other platforms in terms of longevity, with only 13 percent making it past the one-month mark.”

phoenix dating best dating apps for relationships

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

If you’re looking for love in 2018, Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the best dating apps for relationships. Unlike Tinder – where the options are endless – the premise of this app is more along the lines: less is more. It seems like common sense that the more matches you have, the easier it will be to find someone, right? Not necessarily. Rather than spending time to carefully read through each profile, you rush through – so many to get through in so little time! This can cause many of us to be unintentionally superficial instead of focusing on what’s truly important: values, beliefs and relationship goals. Not to mention when you’re receiving and sending countless messages each day, the rate of frustration and burnout increases as well.

On Coffee Meets Bagel you receive one match daily that fits your criteria. With one match, you can take the time you need to make an informed decision.

Also, this dating app recently launched a video feature so “it’s like meeting before you meet,” says Dawoon Kang, the COO of Coffee Meets Bagel.

With this free feature, you answer a question of the day. Videos can last up to 8 seconds and disappear when the next question is posted. This can give users a more accurate sense of your energy and personality.

 bumble best dating app for relationships

  1. Bumble

Ladies, this app was specifically designed for you! On Bumble, the tables are turned and women make the first move. After you match with someone, women have 24 hours to message the men to get the conversation going. This is genius for two reasons: first, the 24-hour timer ensures people on this app are checking their matches regularly and are more keen on making connections. This weeds out the guys who swipe for the sake of swiping to boost their ego. (Yes. Sadly, these men exist).

Second, with this app design, women aren’t flooded with messages and have to spend most of their time sorting through nonsense to (hopefully) find a handful of potential suitors. Overall, this creates a better user experience.

That being said, if you have a busy work week or need a break in general, you don’t want to miss out on a potential love connection or offend would-be suitors. This is why Bumble recently added a “Snooze” feature.

“If you’re needing some self-care, you can now set an away message so your matches know you’re not ghosting them,” Bumble wrote.

Talk about a polite dating app!

Top Dating Apps for Relationships – No Matter What Your Age

  1. Hinge

Having recently repositioned itself as a “relationship app”, Hinge is a good fit for people seeking something serious and long-term. Using your Facebook data, this app matches you with people who are mutual friends.

Male users said one of the perks of the app is the fact that it “encourages more socially accountable behavior,” The New York Times reports.

“Hinge cuts through the randomness of Tinder,” said Daniel Matz, a 29-year old New York-based Hinge user. “I can take some comfort that she knows some of the same people I do.”

Also, instead of most apps that require swiping, you directly engage with the user’s profile directly. When you see something you like, you can like or comment as a conversation starter.

For all of these reasons, Hinge is at the top on the list for best dating apps for relationships.

 best dating app for relationships in 2018

  1. Once

As its name suggests, Once gives you one daily match filtered to meet your preferences. Like Bumble, your match expires in 24 hours. While the profile isn’t as detailed as other apps like OkCupid, it does require you to answer a set of questions to find matches.

The best part? Rather than relying on an algorithm – which, let’s face it, can only do so much – professional matchmakers hand pick your matches.

Jean Meyer, CEO of Once explains how the app “combines this real-world magic of meeting someone for the first time, but in a format that people are familiar with. It’s a great mix of traditional and contemporary dating.”

If you prefer quality over quantity, Once may be a good fit for you.

Now that we’ve covered the best of the best dating apps for relationships, you can make an informed decision about the one that meets your needs.

Dating apps are certainly one way to go if you’re ready to settle down. But let’s not discount making real life connections – whether it’s through expanding your social circle, joining a running club or photography group, and getting in the habit of saying yes to happy hour with coworkers or a spontaneous road trip with your friends! The bottom line: It’s about having a lifestyle that’s conducive to meeting people, which will inevitably increase your odds of finding love.

When it comes to dating people online or in the real world, the key is to get excited by the journey rather than the outcome.

Dating is as much about your attitude as it is about taking action.

Positive thinking will lead to positive results and the same is true for negative thinking. If you’re patient and maintain an optimistic mindset, you will significantly transform your love life.

Online dating doesn’t have to be scary. It can be exciting…if you choose to see it that way. Look at this as an adventure filled with new people and new places. Just think: the love of your life could be one swipe away. Now, get back out there!

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