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How To Pick the Best Phoenix Matchmaker for You?


Finding your life partner is your most important life decision. The right woman is the one you want to share your free time, dreams, and most intimate moments. It is imperative you pick the best Phoenix Matchmaker to help you.

If you are like most of my male matchmaking clients, you are busy. You don’t want a Matchmaker who is going to waste your time. The best Phoenix Matchmaking service will understand who you really want to meet: women who are attractive, fit, feminine, smart and drama free. This Phoenix Matchmaking report will help you select the best Matchmaker for you.

How to Pick the Best Phoenix Matchmaker


  • Does the Matchmaker live in the Phoenix area?

To have the best Phoenix Matchmaker you want a locally-based Matchmaker. Some national matchmaking companies do not have Matchmakers in the area. Instead, they try to recruit long distance. They will collect profiles from a remote location. This results in not having a large enough base of quality women.

To find women, it is vital that the Matchmaker is living in the Phoenix area. To find enough quality women, the Matchmaker needs to know where the quality women are.

Without a local Phoenix Matchmaker, often a Matchmaker has not met personally with the women you are being matched with. Instead, they rely on email and phone interviews. That means –  there is no verification of the woman’s appearance and demeanor (sounds like online dating!).

Men use Matchmaking services to avoid online dating surprises such as women not matching their profiles. This can also happen with a Matchmaker who is not in the Phoenix area.  Make sure you ask the matchmaker if she has met face-to-face with the women she’ll be introducing you to.

  • Are you meeting with a Salesperson or the Matchmaker herself?

Some Matchmaking companies have different employees: some specializing in sales and others in matchmaking. Be careful that the person you speak with is actually doing the matching rather than just the salesperson. You want the person who is matching you to have a clear understanding of the type of woman you want to meet.

Is Joann Cohen The Best AZ Matchmaker?


A Matchmaker Salesperson is usually focused on making the sale – not ensuring she can match you. Having the information “passed along” second-hand from a Sales Person to a Matchmaker will not ensure that you will meet the woman you really want. You want to meet and talk in detail with the Matchmaker who will be introducing you to women

Joann Cohen the best Phoenix Matchmaker

  • Do you feel that you’re being sold?

I am open enough to say

I am not the Best Phoenix Matchmaker for Everyone

Be careful of someone who makes that claim.

I work with a select number of male clients that I feel I can be successful with. I do not work with men when we do not have a good connection. Our matchmaking consultation allows us to both decide if we “click.”

If you meet a Matchmaker  and you feel as if you’re talking with someone trying to sell you a used car – run away! If a Matchmaker continually drops the price so you “sign right now,” that it is a bad sign. Skip anyone who uses high-pressure sales tactics. There is no reason for you to rush this very important decision.

Trust your gut. If you feel you’re in a high-pressure sales environment, you are. That is not the best Phoenix Matchmaker for you.

How to Pick the Best Phoenix Matchmaker

joann cohen the best phoenix matchmaker

  • Are You Being Pressured to Sign a Contract Immediately?

If you meet a Matchmaker who is intensely focused on you signing that day – be very careful. Working with a Matchmaker is a big commitment.  If you feel comfortable thinking about that decision, you want a Matchmaker who will respect that.

If you’re being pressured to sign right away –  ask yourself why?

  • Do You Feel a Connection with the Matchmaker?

This is often overlooked when selecting the Best Phoenix Matchmaking service for you.

A Matchmaker may be rated the best Phoenx Matchmaker, and perhaps your friends have recommended her.  But you’re not feeling it. Maybe you’re not feeling comfortable sharing your infornation. Or you feel like you’re on a different wavelength.

Whatever that feeling it, don’t work with that Matchmaker. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with her, or you. But like a date, sometimes things look good on paper and there’s no chemistry in real life.

One of the most important components in finding love is feeling you feeling comfortable with your Matchmaker. If you don’t, keep looking.

Joann Cohen Best Phoenix Matchmaker Dating

  • How long has the Phoenix matchmaker been in business?

All Matchmakers were new at some time. Do not automatically rule out someone who is new. New Matchmakers may put extra effort into matching to prove herself.

If she is a new Matchmaker, check out her past work experience.

Is there anything similar to Matchmaking in her past work life?

Does she have experience that has provided the skills to help her recruit the type of women you want to meet?

Does she have a background in psychology or a similar field so she can understand people, relationships, and attraction?

  • Is She a Full-time Matchmaker?

Often new Matchmakers will “try out” being a Matchmaker part-time. In these situations, her regular employment will take priority over finding you someone. You want to only work with a professional who is a full-time Matchmaker so that you are her top priority.

Will the Matchmaker you start with stay with you? Large Matchmaking companies may have multiple matchmakers on staff. You want the same Matchmaker that you started with to be with you throughout the process.

You may talk to a Matchmaking company with several matchmakers.  Ask what the turnover of the company is like and how long your assigned Matchmaker has been with that company.

Usually, a man hires a Matchmaking company based on a connection with his Matchmaker. You want to make sure that your Matchmaker is working with you throughout your program. This won’t happen if  you work with a large matchmaking companies with a high turnover.

How to Pick the Best Phoenix Matchmaker


  • Does the Matchmaker Meet with Each Woman Before You Are Introduced?

It may seem strange, but some Matchmakers do not personally meet with the women they introduce. They use the written profiles only and may rely on phone interviews.

Don’t do without this important matchmaking service. Your best Phoenix Matchmaker will take the time to personally meet every woman before they are introduced to you. You don’t want any surprises!

How Does the Best Phoenix Matchmaking for Men Work?

  • How Does the Matchmaker Find Women?

I had a client who had worked with a National Matchmaking company. Other than printed advertisements, they told him they could do nothing else to find suitable women for him.

The Best Phoenix Matchmaker will be willing to share her plan to find the type of women you want to meet. And it should involve a lot more than running ads. You want to work with a Matchmaker who knows how to recruit attractive women with the specific qualities you desire.

  • Does the Matchmaker have References You can Speak to?

You want to be able to personally speak with previous male clients. Ask to speak with a few of her male clients to learn more about their experiences and to ensure that her efforts measure up to her promises.

Best Phoenix Matchmaker Reviews

You want the best Phoenix Matchmaker for you. Check out the Best Matchmaking services reviews on Yelp and Google.

  • Review the items above before you select a Phoenix Matchmaking service.
  • When you meet with a Matchmaker, bring in your questions.
  • Do not be pressured to sign immediately.

Choosing the best Matchmaker could be the smartest decision you have ever made.

Use this matchmaking advice to select the best Matchmaker for you.  Contact me if you want me to talk about how you can meet the woman you’ve always wanted.

If you live outside of Arizona and want assistance in helping you find a Matchmaker in your area, please contact me.

I am fortunate to network with professional Matchmakers that I respect throughout the United States.

I will be happy to refer you to a trustworthy Matchmaker if you live outside Arizona.

Click here to find out more about working with Joann Cohen, The Phoenix Matchmaker for men.

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