Where to meet singles?

Where to Meet Singles?

One question I get in most workshops is – “Where do I meet single people when I don’t like bars/clubs? ” Of course, my answer is always, “Where do you NOT meet singles ?” At this point, most participants want to throw spitballs or shake me violently: “JUST TELL ME WHERE!”

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Easy Flirting tip


Ready to Flirt? EASY FLIRTING TIP Many Phoenix singles tell me they are too nervous to flirt. They feel anxious that they’ll flirt with someone

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Dare to Flirt Scottsdale Matchmaking


Want to Meet Someone? Do you Dare to Flirt? In previous dating advice blogs, I’ve written about where to meet singles. But if you don’t

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Why You Can't find Love

Why You Can’t Find Love

Why You Can’t Find Love  If you’re reading this, chances are you’re wondering why you can’t find love. Through my many years as a Phoenix Matchmaker and Dating

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how to flirt by Scottsdale Matchmaker

How to Flirt

How to Flirt Let me guess, you read the title, and a bead of sweat is running down your forehead. Yikes! Flirting! RELAX. It’s easy

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