Top 20 Phoenix Date Ideas for Couples

 Tired of Dinner Dates?

Phoenix Date Ideas for Couples

If you are dating for a while or married, sometimes the dinner date can just become too boring. You stare across the table and it seems like you have been doing this every week. This is your Date Night and it is getting boring. Here’s the top 20 Phoenix Date Ideas..

As a Phoenix Matchmaker, I work with my male clients on dating ideas besides always going to dinner. There are plenty of fun dating ideas that are not just dinner and a movie.

Whether you are looking for married dating ideas or single date ideas, here are some ways to get started. Follow these tips on how to make each date night memorable:

1. Shut off the computers and turn off phone: Yes, give 100% of your attention to your partner and whatever you’re doing.

2. Whenever possible do something fun: Something that gets you laughing, your heart racing and brings out the silly part of you. Not only when it be fun, when you’re having fun you tend to associate it with that person. That means, you see your partner as fun.

3. Do something new: Get out of the routine where you are someplace new but you are still talking about kids, work, and family. A new activity that has you talking about that or memories about it. Maybe wandering an antique shop, you will see an old board game you liked to play when you were a kid.

4. Expect not all dates will be fantastic: No matter how much planning and thought you put into a date, sometimes it does not go as expected. The place is not as fun as everyone told you. But that does not make a bad date. Remember in the old days when there were no bad dates because you’re with someone you just liked being with. Bad venues were something to laugh about.

5. Find a subject that you’re both interested in and gab on: If you both love traveling, plan your next adventure. Try and learn about your partner’s interests and hobbies. Talk about new things you want to try.

6. Find a new hobby together: Doing new things together help keep your relationship fresh. If you’re both into cooking, taking cooking class. Or if you like sports – learn tennis, ice skating, golf, etc. Just pick something you both will enjoy trying. This gives you something new to talk about.

Want specific Phoenix date ideas to get started?

Top 20 Phoenix Date Ideas for Couples

1. Put a bunch of date ideas into a jar: As you think of something new, put it in the jar. Then at the beginning of the week, pull an idea.

2. Get out the map: Lay it on the table then where ever a finger lands, that is where you go. If you find somewhere interesting along the way, stop and explore. You usually find something interesting.

3. Take some lessons: Try taking a lesson for a group dance lesson, Art or a cooking class.

4. Find a Meetup meeting for couples: Meetup groups have organizers who plan events. Easy date, your meetup does the date night planning.

5. Amusement park

6. Bowling

7. Go to Improv/ comedy show or take an improv comedy class together: During the week, you can practice on each other.

8. New Spirit: Try a Wine tasting or mixology class.

9. Art walk: You may find your partner has some art tastes that you did not know. May make gift buying easier!

10. Ice skating

More Phoenix Dating Ideas for Couples

11. Kart racing

12. Karaoke

13. Trivia night with teams/bar

14. Volunteer: Working at no kill animal shelters like Lost Our Home work with pets. Or serving food to the homeless, etc. At the holiday time, adopt a Senior or child and go shopping together to find gifts.

15. Photo booths: Have fun getting silly photos.

16. Auctions: Get your number and sometimes you buy or just watch.

17. Rent a “dream car”: Have a night where you drive around in a car you would love to own.

18. Outdoor concerts: It’s cooling down in Phoenix, and this is a great time of the year to go.

19. Google your city: Most cities have a list of offbeat things to see. Make a list and start seeing the unusual things around you.

20. Take an evening cruise: In Phoenix we have Dolly Steamboat which offers scenery and dinner.

This is a short list of date ideas for married couples. Experiment and you will learn more about your partner and your relationship.

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