Difficult to Date in Phoenix?

Is It More Difficult to Date in Phoenix?

Are People Looking to Hook Up or Serious Relationship?

As the Scottsdale Matchmaker, Phoenix singles ask all the time – Difficult to Date in Phoenix? Singles in Scottsdale say that everyone is phony. No one wants a serious relationship. They say it is easier to date in San Francisco, Texas or any other place but here.

As a Matchmaker, I know that is not the truth.

The answer to is it Difficult to Date in Phoenix? No.

Lots of Phoenix Singles are looking for a serious relationship. A relationship that lasts. That is why men hire me. To find them smart, attractive and drama free single women. And I have made so many matches with singles who almost gave up hope.

So I love it when research supports what I know to be true. It is not harder to date in Phoenix than other places. Actually, it looks like the opposite.

A study done by Clover (a dating app) revealed that Phoenix has more people looking for serious relationships than other cities. That is right. Phoenix Singles have a better chance of meeting other Singles who are looking for a serious relationship. Other cities show more singles looking for hookups, casual dating and so on.

As KTAR reported “The survey, which was conducted by a dating app called Clover, asked 15,000 people if they were looking for new friends, hookups, casual dating or a long-term relationship.
The results were then organized by city and state. Arizonans, it turns out, are primarily looking for long-term relationships. New Yorkers are also looking for commitments, while Californians just want to hook up. “

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