Effortless Flirting in Phoenix: The Prop Method

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Many Phoenix singles tell me they are too nervous to flirt. They feel anxious that they’ll flirt with someone who isn’t interested. An easy flirting tip that everyone loves – is to have a flirting prop that makes people approach you!

What’s a flirting prop?

A flirting prop is something that gives people a reason to talk to you. Imagine you are a woman walking down the street and someone is attracted to you, but what happens? Usually – nothing.

They probably walk by while mentally kicking himself for not having a witty line to capture your attention. And it’s probably happened to you too. You have seen someone attractive in the store but don’t know how to start a conversation. The  Easy Flirting tip is to use a flirting prop.

A Flirting prop is the magic key.


A flirting prop is something you wear, carry or walk that gives others a reason to talk to you. Flirting props are natural conversation starters. They can range from the real and unplanned – your leg in a cast – to a planned flirting prop meant to encourage conversation such as a heart pin that blinks off and on.

Your flirting prop doesn’t have to be as obvious as a shirt that is printed with “Talk to me, I’m Single” (though my friend gave me a shirt that has “Flirt” in Rhinestones and you know, I’m taking that out for a test drive!). On the other hand, it has to be easily seen, so your little ½ inch pin with your first name won’t work either.

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Perhaps you have a favorite sports shirt or cap. Wear it to allow your fellow team fans or opposing team fans to make a comment to you about the game or team. Or how about wearing a hat, unusual jewelry or tie, feather boa, silk flowers (ladies only please), wearing a glow stick necklace at club or a specific themed item at a holiday event – Santa hat, Valentine’s Day horns an so on. Food! At a party bring some great finger food that you pass around or offer to pass around something the host has made. Take your time walking with the item and give everyone your best smile.

At one of my flirting field trips, several ladies wore party tiaras that were real magic. When asked why they were wearing tiaras, answers ranged from “Just graduated from a flirting workshop”, “We’re members of a secret society” to “Guess!” As you can imagine, these responses started great banter back and forth for some easy flirting.

Arizona easy flirting tip

Easy Flirting Tip

Your dog is a flirting prop

My vote for the best flirting prop – a dog. Most of us don’t hesitate to immediately start talking to someone with a cute, interesting or ugly dog. Take your dog for a walk, to a store that allows dogs, sit outside at a coffee place or anywhere else dogs are allowed and you’ll find yourself quickly in great conversations.

Don’t have a dog?

Ask your neighbors, friends, and family if you can take Duke for a walk. They’ll think you’re great and Duke will probably love you too.

Enjoy experimenting with different types of flirting props that match your personality and events. They are a wonderful way to give people an excuse to talk you. And finally, remember to notice others’ flirting props, as they also give you a reason to start speaking to others.

Start the conversation! Great Flirting Openers

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