Easy Ways To Dress To Attract Women

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Need Easy Ways To Dress To Attract Women?

Do you dress like a cast member of the Cosby Show?

Do your friends call you “The Fonz?”

Don’t worry… a lot of guys I work with have a fashion problem too. Most guys just aren’t that interested in fashion, so of course this is one of their last priorities.

Here’s the good news: any guy can learn to dress attractively for women.

You don’t have to hire a personal fashion consultant or spend thousands of dollars either. You just need to seek help from those that know it and use your good judgment.

You should learn more about fashion too, because how you dress matters to her.

Most women interpret your lack of fashionableness as a sign that you don’t get it. Women are usually very aware socially and they get really attracted to guys that understand what is going on in that perspective.

Most guys don’t care enough to try… and it shows in how bored a lot of women feel in their relationships and marriages.

Put in the extra time to understand how to dress well. But dress for yourself and dress to feel great.

Easy Ways To Dress To Attract Women:

1. Make sure your clothes fit.

This is the biggest mistake I see guys making.

Most clothing companies manufacture their clothing to fit a large population of people. They want to get as many different body sizes into their clothes, yet they won’t fit anyone great.

You have a couple options to get clothes that fit.

First, you could have your clothes hand-tailored. This looks great and will feel great, but isn’t cheap. The second option is much less expensive, but it takes a bit longer. Go shopping as you normally would, except make a promise to yourself that you won’t buy poorly fitting clothes anymore.

Make sure your clothes fit.

2. Simple beats complicated.

Simple, comfortable outfits will beat out flashy, inauthentic outfits any day.

A nice pair of pants, leather shoes, and a button up shirt with solid colors is a great place to start.

Ask yourself, “Do the colors work together?”

If you don’t know, then go Google, “Color Wheel.”

3. Look at fashion magazines.

If you want some ideas about current fashion, then check out a GQ or any men’s style magazine. Or go to some men’s fashion clothing stores and check out the mannequin outfits. Look around for a modern style that seems like it would fit your personality and go with it.

4. Ask a friend.

Grab one of your girl friends or maybe even a fashion conscious male friend and have them go shopping with you.

Make it clear that they can be completely honest with you about how the clothes look. A second opinion is always handy.

You can dress to attract women with these easy tips and not spending a fortune. And if you want more assistance with wardrobe and meeting women.

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