Finding Mr. Right is NOT

Finding Mr. Right 

Finding Mr. Right is NOT a Harlequin Romance


I know your fantasy.

 You lay in your bed at night hoping Mr. Right will bump into you in the streets. Your eyes will lock… and you will know right away that he is The One you’ve been looking for your whole life.

You want those picnics in the park, eating Gouda out of his hand, and sipping a zesty Cabernet Sauvignon in the sunshine. You want to stare into his eyes and have your problems melt away.

Cue the romantic song, the credits go up, and you live happily ever after… just as the movies say, right? 

Hey, if you have these fantasies before bed, you aren’t alone.

A lot of my clients have fantasies about Mr. Right and how he will come and turn their life into the Rom Com Hit of 2012. Other clients of mine reject some guys after one date because, as one woman put it… “He has all the qualities I want in a man, but there was no SPARK.”

They never go out with him again, because they misunderstand one aspect of finding compatible love.

Here’s the thing: all of our brains have been a little warped by Hollywood and the typical ‘Harlequin Romance’ plot.

Finding Mr. Right is NOT a Harlequin Romance

We all want to be swept away and live a life full of excitement, always full of romance, nights full of steamy sex, and bottles of great wine.

But the reality is that relationships grow comfortable and the romance fades. Nights full of steamy sex turns into sex a few times a week and bottles of great wine turns into hangovers.

But you can have a love that is deeper and more fulfilling than the typical romance novel plot.

You can have a relationship that you are happy to wake up to every day. You can find Your Mr. Right and live out your days loving your life. You just need to change your focus.

Here’s how to find Mr. Right:

1. Focus on having compatible values.

The happiest relationships that last forever are with two people who have compatible values. The saying, “Opposites attract…” just isn’t true.

If your husband has the same religious, political, sexual, and child-rearing values as yourself, then your odds of being in love forever skyrocket. You want to be coming from the same place on the biggest issues in your life.

Maybe there isn’t a spark on the first date… but there could be one on the third date, if you let your connection grow.

2. Find a healthy, happy person.

A man that is healthy and happy can provide you the love needed for a relationship to flourish.

Ask yourself these questions:

Does he take care of his health?

Does he have a job he enjoys?

Does he have a family that supports him and he shows love towards?

A bad boy can sure provide a wild, exciting ride, but that pull you feel towards that excitement isn’t rooted in your love. It is rooted in your insecurity.

3. Does he love you?

 You deserve to be with someone who loves you deeply.

I’ve worked with clients who were convinced they would never find love. But they kept at it and they did.

There really is someone out there for anyone willing to grow, share your self, meet new people, and risk being hurt.

 This kind of love makes a really boring romance novel, but a life that is a daily pleasure.

Want Mr. Right? Attend my workshop and learn how to make it easy for him to find you.

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