First Date Mistakes That Women Make

Phoenix Matchmaker -First Date Mistakes That Women Make

Are You Making These First Date Mistakes That Women Make?

So, you thought the date went great? You seemed to have a real connection, or so you thought, but he never called you again; what gives?

There could be many reasons why he didn’t call, but most likely, you did something that he didn’t like or appreciate. So, what might it have been?

As a Scottsdale Matchmaker, I hear what men really think after the date.  I constantly hear from men their biggest complaints about first date mistakes that women make. Here are a few things that women should avoid on a first date if they want to get a second date.

Don’t be late: Over 50% of women admit that they have showed up late for a first date. Some women actually believe that being tardy is fashionable. Or they are just acting in a typical way for women. The truth is that showing up late is a clear message to the guy that he wasn’t worth it to be on time.

Don’t talk or text on your cell: Unless your grandmother has fallen down the stairs and needs immediate medical attention, do not take a personal call during your date. The same applies to texting. Taking out your phone and typing away during your date is akin to reaching over and slapping him in the face.

Don’t be rude: In general, men do appreciate a challenge, but they still don’t want a woman who is mean. Don’t be snotty with the waiter or rude with the bartender. Don’t engage in petty activities like mocking the outfit, appearance or behavior of another patron in the establishment. Stay classy and maintain your self-respect.

Don’t mention future contact too soon: This is one of the tougher rules to follow. You could be discussing a book or a new restaurant in town, and casually mention that you should go to the restaurant together sometime, or that you could loan him your copy of a certain book. The problem t is that you are forcing him to make a snap decision. He has to decide if he wants to see you again before the date is over. Leave the talk of a second meeting until later.

Don’t appear emotionally unstable: This one is fairly easy to follow, or at least it should be. He is your date, not your therapist. He doesn’t want to hear about the stressed relationship you have with your sister. The fight you are having with a co-worker.  And so on. If there are issues that you absolutely must vent about, then by all means seek out a therapist. Of course, do so before you think about any serious dating.

Don’t be too quiet, or too overbearing: There is a happy medium here, and it is easy to find if you just involve yourself in the flow of the conversation. If he asks you questions about yourself, don’t give simple one-word answers. Guys are not interested in someone who is overly timid. Conversely, don’t answer every question with a 10-minute speech about your childhood.

None of these are all that hard to follow, and are most likely how you want the man to treat you, too. So stick to these easy dating rules to get that second date!

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