How NOT To Meet Your True Love

How NOT To Meet Your True Love

Scottsdale Matchmaker – How NOT To Meet Your True Love

I’m going to do things a little differently with this dating advice blog.  I won’t be giving advice about how to IMPROVE your love life. Instead I will be talking about the complete opposite — How NOT To Meet Your True Love. Because so many singles give these reasons about where and how they will date. And then wonder why they are still single. Read to see if your “rules” are stopping you from meeting the right one:

Don’t Date People From The Office Or School.  If you want to remain single the rest of your life, my first piece of advice is to NOT date anyone you meet at work or school. Never mind the fact that most other people find the love of their lives in these places — you’re too cool for that. Right?

Don’t Blind-Date.  My second piece of advice is to stay away from blind dates. In fact, I encourage you to play practical jokes on any friend or relative who even suggests hooking you up. You don’t want to meet people your friends know. While you may miss the opportunity to meet the best match for you, you don’t have time to waste one hour. Your life is too busy to risk one hour to get the biggest reward of lifelong love.

Don’t Online-Date. Thirdly — never, ever use the online dating sites to find good matches. Computers are for geeks! You’re different — you have a life. And never mind the fact that one in every four marriages are a result of online dating origins. You’re different and too cool – Right?

Don’t Go To Bars And Parties. What are you, 23? Bars and parties are filled with drunks, creeps, and people who don’t want any type of commitment. After all, you have much better things to do with your time — like, say, watching TV at home, alone, gorging on a quart of ice cream.

How Not To Meet Your True Love

Don’t Talk To Strangers. Here’s the clincher — don’t talk to strangers. They certainly don’t deserve your time and attention, no matter how attractive and friendly they may be to you. Besides, they didn’t go to this seminar, this supermarket, this laundry shop, or this bookstore to meet other singles.

Sarcasm Obviously Isn’t My Forte
I’m sure you can easily see the sarcasm in this dating advice blog – How NOT To Meet Your True Love ! But I’m doing it to underline an important point. Five, actually. The five approaches I outlined above are the top ways studies have showed where people have met their mates and how my clients approached the dating game.

Instead of trying something different, many singles are wondering why they were still single. I’ve heard MANY times “all the good ones are taken”. But they aren’t. As a Phoenix Matchmaker and Dating Coaches, I constantly am told about singles finding love. So why not you?

Try doing the exact opposite of these approaches. You will drastically improve your chances of success with the opposite sex. Try it — date people you meet at work and school. Go on blind dates and put up a good online dating profile. Go to parties. Say hi to that good-looking stranger. Throw away your rules and find your true love.

Click for more Free Dating Advice. What do you have to lose but your single life?

Joann Cohen
Phoenix Matchmaker for Phoenix singles,
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