How to Date a Millionaire Man

how to date millionairesYou Want to Know How to Date a Millionaire Man?

There is an art to successfully dating a millionaire man. You have to know where to meet a millionaire and how to get him interested in dating you. Once you’re in a relationship with a millionaire man, there are some things you can do to build a relationship that ultimately leads to marriage. Wealthy men lead a specific kind of lifestyle, and it’s important you integrate yourself seamlessly into that lifestyle. To do so, your job is learning how to look the part, act the part, and be the part. As a Scottsdale Matchmaker I deal with successful men looking for their life partners. But as a Phoenix Dating Coach, I know these dating pointers can help you date all men – not just the wealthy men! Let’s start with a few basic rules on how to date a millionaire man.

Look the Part

We’d all like to be loved simply for who we are, and that remains the end goal of your relationship. But to get things off the ground, you’ve got to look the part. Men in general are very visual, and wealthy men often have even higher standards for beauty than average men. A millionaire man has the prerogative to be very choosy about the kind of woman he dates. To pass the test, here are a few simple rules:

  • Live a fit, active, and healthy lifestyle.
  • Choose clothes that are elegant, classy, and understated, not too flashy. Your ultimate goal is to be his wife, not a mistress.
  • Follow the rule of thumb to accentuate one feature at a time, not all of them at once. For example, if your eye makeup is dramatic, don’t wear bright red lipstick.
  • When it comes to designer accessories, it’s better to invest in one genuine piece than to own multiple counterfeits – even if they’re “good” fakes.

How to Date a Millionaire Man

Act the Part

In addition to looking the part, it’s important for you to know how to act the part. This isn’t about putting up a fake front, but about learning the cultural behaviors acceptable among the wealthy. We’ve looked at specific ways you can make a millionaire man interested in other articles [link to How to Make a Millionaire Interested article], but here are some basic you can start with:

  • Brush up on your manners. If you aren’t familiar with proper etiquette, there are plenty of books you can rent and articles you can look up.
  • Know what not to talk about – including past relationships, personal woes, and money.
  • Know what you should talk about. Be knowledgeable about the things that matter in his life such as business, sports and hobbies he’s devoted to, and politics. Take note, though, to save these meatier topics of conversation for later in your relationship, not the first date!

Be the Part

With all this talk about practical, appearance-based things you can do to learn how to date a millionaire man, it can be easy to lose sight of what’s ultimately most important: who you are as a person. Just because a man is rich doesn’t mean he won’t care about your personality. It’s basic, but at the end of the day, who you are is what will spark the chemistry that leads to a life-long love relationship. Here are some traits you can work on cultivating:

  • Be kind. There isn’t a man alive who enjoys dating a diva.
  • Be classy. No matter how wealthy you are there is never an excuse to be rude.
  • Be caring. Listen to him and be interested in his life.
  • Be approachable. Let him see that gorgeous smile of yours!
  • Be positive. There’s enough negativity in the world – bring laughter, fun, and light-heartedness to the relationship.

I had a millionaire client who met a woman working in an upscale store. She was unhappy in her career and constantly complained to him. After a few months of her complaining, he realized he did not want this negative person in his life and ended their relationship. We often have unpleasant circumstances in our lives. Continually complaining does not bring the other person closer but drives him away.
Learning how to do these three things will give you a solid start in your relationship dating a millionaire man. Once you’ve laid that foundation, you’ll be set up for success to get down to the business of getting to know each other and the journey of discovering your soul mate.

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