How To Deal With Rejection

how to deal with rejection

Has It Happened to You- How To Deal With Rejection

Your throat feels thick, like you want to gag.

 Tears stream down your face for almost no reason at all.

Your brain keeps asking, “Will I EVER find somebody?”


Dealing with rejection is really tough.

Our egos cry out in pain, when someone doesn’t want to go out on a date with us or when someone we loved, chooses to not love us anymore. When we are strong, cared for, and healthy, we can look back at laugh at those times… but in the moment we are lost in a sea of hurt. How To Deal With Rejection.

A lot of my clients have broken hearts.

They have been rejected and they want to move on… but they just aren’t sure where to start.

Here are some lessons I’ve learned about How To Deal With Rejection:

 1. Give yourself space

 Don’t pursue whoever rejected you.

It never works to convince them to un-reject you… instead they will just see you as needy and desperate. Get them off of your Facebook, delete their phone number, get rid of anything that reminds you of them.

Burn it, if it feels right.

2. Let yourself be miserable

Most would tell you to get right back out there. Go do something to get your mind off of the pain.

I’d suggest the opposite… at first anyways.

Just let your misery be with you. Don’t try to get rid of it or try to change it. Have the courage to feel it. Let the feeling over take your body.

Be present with it, instead of running and you might find that it goes away… a little at first and more as time goes on.

3. Spend time with people you love

Go visit, hug, and kiss the people that mean the most to you.

If you are the type that always has to ‘have it together,’ then try letting those you love, help you.

Let them know how you are doing, instead of saying something fake tough, like “Oh, I’ll be okay.”

4. Read a book

Find a book about rejection and read it.

Understanding what is common could help you be more at peace with the discomfort you are feeling.

5. Exercise

Exercise almost fixes anything, doesn’t it?

Times of crisis are great opportunities to start new habits. If you haven’t started that exercise habit you’ve been thinking about, maybe now is the time.

6. Volunteer

 The best way to get over feeling sorry for yourself is to do something for someone else.

When we’re in emotional pain, we are completely self absorbed. Volunteering to work with someone else or something else, releases our attention on our pain to others – their pain, need or wants. You’ll take attention off yourself and often feel good helping someone else. Often this release lets you know that your situation isn’t all that bad and going to last forever. So go to the Senior Center, volunteer with shelter animals or just look around for someone in need.

7. Try Something New that You’ve Always Wanted to

Take your mind off your current situation that new activity or hobby you’ve always wanted to. Get yourself around people who are jazzed about doing that thing you’ve wanted to try. Learning something new and the hours  fly by.

Is there something you have been meaning to do, but didn’t have the time?

Try something new that is fun and a bit of a challenge. For the female readers, try the Drab to Fab Workshop where you’ll learn how to flirt, where to find Mr. Right and be surrounded and supported in a fun and supportive environment. Try  something that you will be proud of.

Watch my video  How to Deal With Rejection   for more tips on how to get over your relationship ending.

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