How to Dress To Attract Men

how to dress for menWondering How to Dress To Attract Men

“Do I need to dress sleazy to attract men?”

 More than one single woman has asked me about how they could dress to attract men.

 You can probably relate to a host of common thoughts…

  • Is this low enough?
  • Is this short enough?
  • I wish these were bigger.
  • I wish this was smaller.

 If you over analyze how you can dress to attract your perfect guy, then you are just going to end up really frustrated. Here are simple ways How to Dress To Attract Men:

 1. Know yourself.

 The most important factor in how you dress is what you like.

Too many of my clients focus on what HE wants and forget to focus on they want. What do you like wearing? What makes you feel dead sexy in?

If you are feeling gorgeous in your clothes, then that sexy attitude will radiate from you.

 2. Develop your own personal fashion sense.

 Each woman likes to dress a little different and the more you can create your own style around the type of girl you are, the more you can catch his eye.

 Are you a sporty, athletic gal? Base your outfits around fabrics that wick or skirts that allow for flexibility.

 Are you a funky, creative gal? Go for some vintage shoes and a flowery summer dress.

 Maybe you are the ambitious, glass-ceiling buster? Then choose a sexy suit skirt.

 Men love a girl that is confident in herself… so develop your own personal style.

 3. Survey the fashion scene.

 If you are feeling like your style needs a pick-me-up, then check out some popular fashion websites and see what you are missing.

If you don’t know where to look, type ‘Fashion _____________(words that describe your style).’

Don’t wear something just because it came from Paris though. Wear something that intrigues you and flows with your personality.

 4. Make sure it fits.

 Whatever you choose, just be sure it fits. 

 Fit is the most important thing. Never buy anything that doesn’t fit.

 5. Get your own personal fashion consultant.

 Recruit your fashion conscious friend to go shopping with as long as they are:

A. Positive

B. Really supportive

 6. Treat fashion as an adventure.

 Developing your perfect style is going to be a journey that never ends, so learn to enjoy it.

 Subscribe to an email newsletter of a fashion website you love. Order a fashion magazine and let yourself buy something new every few months.

 Just remember that it isn’t those super cute shoes that he wants to fall in love with –  it is you.

If you want personalized advice on your dating look, register for a private consultation with me, Joann Cohen, Scottsdale Matchmaker. Meeting with me in my office, you will learn how men really see you and easy and FAST steps to create a genuine image men love.


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