How to Flirt

How to Flirt

how to flirt by Scottsdale Matchmaker

Let me guess, you read the title, and a bead of sweat is running down your forehead.

Yikes! Flirting!


It’s easy to learn how to flirt.

The hardest part of flirting is the FEAR of flirting. Just like the old saying says: the first step in overcoming a fear is: RECOGNIZING fear.

So, don’t freak. Check out your face in a mirror. See that bead of sweat? Breathe deep, exhale—you’ve passed the first step.

Onto step two.


That’s what I said. Now, I know what you’re saying. “Really Joann, but that is so, so simple!”

And it is. But let me ask you? Are you doing it?

Better check yourself out in that mirror again.

Do you see a cute girl in line behind you at the coffee shop, and while you’re waiting to order your usual grande mocha, non-fat, no-sugar, extra foam, extra shot, with a swirl of caramel on top latte, do you look her in the eye and smile? As you’re striding through the gym to yoga class, do you see a sexy guy on a treadmill at the gym, look him in the eye and smile?

No, right. Well, don’t beat yourself up. Learning how to flirt is a skill that gets easier the more you practice.

How to Flirt


Maybe you’re shy. I’m shy. But you can’t use that as an excuse not to flirt. Why? Studies show that shy people aren’t usually seen as shy but as stuck up, standoffish, or even cold. So you really need to learn how to flirt to meet your special one.

And that’s why I encourage (okay, push) my flirting workshop participants and clients to make it a practice every day. Learn how to flirt the with an easy goal.

Your goal: make eye contact and smile with 10 new people every day.

Secret Easy Flirting Tip

Remember: the real secret of being a great flirt is not trying to make people think you’re special, it’s about making others feel special. And when you become a good flirt, I promise you’ll feel good too.

Get in front of that mirror again. See the difference? You will.

Joann Cohen

Phoenix Matchmaker for Phoenix Singles, Scottsdale Singles,

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