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 Learn How to Flirt on Facebook


Are you are navigating the “single” world? Using Facebook is a great way to find great dates. However, you need to know  How to Flirt on Facebook. Otherwise, there is the chance that you could get labeled as the male or female “Facebook Player”.

This blog  How to Flirt on Facebook is the first step to Flirting on Facebook. Look for Scottsdale Matchmaker’s other blogs to get the other steps to meet great singles. Let’s start on easy steps on How to Flirt on Facebook:

Step 1 – Revamp your profile, so it is exciting, positive, and interesting.

Like it or not, anyone that sees your Facebook profile will be making a judgment about you. Your Facebook profile gives them a feeling of who you are as a person. You want to make it a positive impression. Follow these easy Facebook housekeeping rules:

  • Clear off anything on your profile that is negative. To flirt on Facebook – Delete those photos of you and your ex smooching. Photos of you drunk. Grabbing anyone’s (or your own) intimate body part. Anything else that only your friends think is funny.
  • If you don’t have any or few friends, then get some! Get involved in the social media world to show that you’ve got something going on in your life.
  • Keep the photographs of you doing fun, social, or exciting things. Post photos of your last trip to Mexico or that last race you ran.
  • Delete any negative or whining comments you wrote on your wall. You may have had a bad day. Posting it and your viewer will probably judge you as just a negative person.
  • Review your “Personal Information”. Make sure that your information is unique, interesting and even a bit mysterious. Leave out your relationship status and mark that you want to meet men and women.
  • Talk about what you passions in life are. What you dream of accomplishing. Post interesting quotes you like. Stay away from talking about the boring, mundane details of your life.

Got it? Click here to find your next step on how to Flirt on Facebook.

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