How to Get Good Online Dating Photos – Six Easy Tips!

bad headshotHow to get good online dating photos?

Think it is impossible – you are just not photogenic?

My clients know I’m a fanatic about having good photos on their profiles. Good online dating photos  is simply, the most important thing to being successful in Online Dating. And as nervous as clients are about getting their photo taken, once they see the new, good online dating photos, it all changes.

They love the fun and real looking photos of themselves. Once posted, their online responses increase. And when their dates tell them they look just like their photos -their confidence truly increases!

How can you have the same results? Not sure How to get good online dating photos?

Six easy and quick tips to get Good Online Dating Photos

How to get good online photos

First, make sure you have photos on your profile. Online daters are leery of profiles that don’t have photos. You don’t want to great great man or woman passing on you because you didn’t post photos.

Research shows that men are 14 times more likely to look at a female profile with a photo, and women are 8.5 times more likely to look at a male profile.

Why miss the chance to have the right person find you?

Your first photo should be a head shot. A head shot is a clear photo of you from the chest or shoulder up.

The best photo will be of you looking into the camera and smiling.

How to Get Good Online Dating Photos - Six Easy Tips!

Research (yes, they actually do scientific studies on this stuff) shows that people have a much better impression of people who look directly into the camera and smile. So you’ll want to skip the mysterious looking away into the distance photo.

Make sure the photo is of you and not you and a bunch of friends. Don’t hide faces to get around this!  it’s distracting and takes the focus of you.  You want your Online Profile Photos to be All About You!

Include 3-4 photos with at least 1 full body shot. Sometimes, singles are reluctant to show their body because they are uncomfortable with their size. Remember, the person is going to see you eventually.

You want the person who is attracted and accepts you as you are.

How to Get Good Online Dating Photos - Six Easy Tips!

And who wants the anxiety and possible disappointment of meeting someone who thought you looked different? So post a great full length photo of you.

Want to look thinner?

Wear one color in the body shot as it elegonates the body and can make you look thinner. So wear a top and bottom in the same color or a solid colored dress for your full length photo.

Finally, make sure the colors are solids or thin stripes only. In photos, busy patterns can often be distracting and take the focus away from you. What  you wear should be the frame and highlight you. You want to be the focus of the viewer and not what you are wearing.

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Follow these easy tips and see the difference in your photos and your confidence. You will get good online dating photos!

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