How to Have Men Approach You

How to Have Men Approach You

How to Have Men Approach You?

Does it seem like men approach other women, but not you?

In your head, you are probably thinking something like…

  •  “Am I unattractive?”
  • “Do I need to dress more revealing?”
  • “Is there something I’m doing wrong?”

Well… you can relax.

You aren’t unattractive. You don’t need to dress sleazy. And if you are doing something wrong, then this dating advice for women  will help you fix it.

As THE Phoenix Dating Coach, I have worked with many women who think they’re hopeless. They have easily learned how to have men approach. Learn How to Have Men Approach You

Read on and you will learn 7 ways How to Have Men Approach You.

This dating advice  is for any woman, who has wondered, “How can I get him to approach?” This is such a common question too, because talking to him is the first step to meeting the man of your dreams.

 Ready to learn a few simple things to become a Man Magnet?

 Remember: It isn’t, because you aren’t attractive.

In fact, if you are TOO ATTRACTIVE that might be one reason why he isn’t approaching you.

Most men get really nervous approaching women… especially attractive women.

Before he takes the risk, he will look for signs that you are open, friendly, and interested in him. If he doesn’t see these signs (even if you are sending them), then there is a good chance he won’t come talk to you.

Many women don’t even realize they are sending him the wrong signals.

Here are 7 simple things you can do to get men to talk to you:

1.     Look him in the eyes. This is the classic signal that works as well today as it did for your grandmother. When you make eye contact with him, just hold your gaze a touch longer than you normally would.

2.     Smile. Add a smile to your eye contact to emphasize your interest. These two gestures are the most powerful combination to get him to come over. But there is much more you can do…

3.  Lift your eyebrows. Men are attracted to women with expressive faces. So, as you make eye contact and smile, lift your eyebrows too. This is a friendly gesture that is almost asking him to come over.

4.   Have fun. Don’t focus so much on getting men to approach you that you forget to have a good time with your friends. Men are attracted to fun, social, and happy women.

 5.   Go out with one female friend. Choose a good wing woman, when you go out. Avoid going out with a large group of women to meet men, because these groups can be intimidating.

6.   Break away.  Go up to the bar for drinks by yourself. Walk to the bathroom. Go outside to make a call. Give him a chance to approach you, while you are alone… by walking slowly.

7.   Be open to meeting men anywhere. Don’t wait until the weekend to meet men. You see men everywhere and more than likely, men are talking to you often throughout your day. Open yourself up and be friendly, when men approach you, anytime and anywhere.

Remember: Getting men to approach you is simply about presenting yourself as a friendly, open, and interested woman.  I know you can do that.

Need dating advice that is specific to  your situation? Contact me to discuss how my services can help you find your one.

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