How To Get a Millionaire Man Interested?

How To Get a Millionaire Man Interested?

Millionaire Matchmaker - How to Get a Millionaire Man Interested

As an Arizona Matchmaker specializing in Wealthy men who are looking for their life partners, I have a lot of insight. My successful clients tell me who they are looking for and the mistakes women make during their dates and in their relationships. Many things that wealthy men are really thinking – may surprise you. How To Get a Millionaire Man Interested?

Whether you are looking to marry a millionaire or just find a great guy, this dating advice for women can help you. In many ways, wealthy single men and great single men who are not millionaires have a lot in common – when it comes to what women attract them.

If you’re a successful, single woman hoping to marry a millionaire, your first step is actually meeting a millionaire [Read my blog where to meet a millionaire]. But once you’ve met someone and he’s taken you on a date or two, you’re going to starting wondering how to make sure he’s genuinely interested in dating you! After successfully matching dozens of millionaire men with the girl of their dreams, I’ve noticed a few simple things you can do to get your millionaire man interested in you:

Understand his world

To be part of his world, you need to understand it. Your millionaire man is probably very busy; he has a company to run, trips to take, charities to be involved with, and hobbies to enjoy. Be respectful of his time and be organized with your own. Millionaires tend to be very disciplined people, and will be attracted to women whose lives are equally structured.

Additionally, take the time to learn about his world of business, finances, and investments. Having this understanding gives you something to talk about that’s important to him, and gives you the opportunity to give input he might find genuinely helpful.

Add value to his life

The first way you can do this is by not subtracting value. He has enough stress in his life – let your relationship be the one place he can escape from the drama. Be the bright spot in his day he looks forward to coming home to. Make your time together fun, relaxing, and the thing he enjoys most.

On a deeper level, though, honestly ask yourself this question: “What do I have to offer this man that will improve his life?” Rich men have easy access to anything they want, so you want to uncover what it is you can add to his life that no one else can. You’re a smart, caring, attractive woman and you certainly have a lot to offer, but it is important for you to know exactly what need in his life only you can fill. Once you’ve found what “it” is, work hard at making yourself irreplaceable.

Be the one who tells him “no”

Wealthy men aren’t often told “no.” If anything, others will tend to bend over backwards and do whatever it takes to please a millionaire. Most women are eager to jump into bed with a millionaire on the first date, which makes the woman who doesn’t sleep around attractive. Be the one woman in his life who’s willing to say “no” and take your physical relationship slow.

Let the relationship progress naturally

In other words: don’t rush it! Abide by the common rules of first date no-no’s such as listing how many children you want, discussing your finances (or his), and over-sharing your life story. Men in general don’t want to be pressured into committing to marriage. Past experiences with gold diggers often make millionaire men even more gun shy. Be careful to avoid words and actions that might convey you are desperate! Take off the pressure, and let your relationship be fun as you take time getting to know each other so you can both be confident you’ve truly found the right partner for the rest of your life.

…and above all, don’t marry for money!

If you aren’t marrying for love, your relationship is highly unlikely to last. Besides, greed isn’t a quality that looks attractive on anyone. Millionaire men are wary of gold diggers who are out to get their money. To counter this guardedness in your relationship, you have to convince him through your words and actions that money isn’t the most important thing to you. And if it is the most important thing, it’s time for you to step away from the relationship and reevaluate your motives.

The good news is your millionaire is already interested if he’s asked you out. And the better news for you is that by following these 5 tips, you’re sure to keep him interested! As a Dating Coach, I make it my business to know how to help the right people find each other. From dating advice to online matchmaking to complete lifestyle makeovers, I can help you identify how to meet and marry the millionaire man of your dreams. Learn more about the services I offer for women here.

Read and follow these tips on How To Get a Millionaire Man Interested. Then write me and tell me about when you meet your Mr. Right.

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