How to Meet Women During the Day

How to meet women during the day


Many Single Men Wonder 

How to Meet Women During the Day


As the Phoenix Dating Coach and Matchmaker I have helped men of all ages to meet women. It seems easier to meet a woman at a bar, nightclub, or social event. But men ask- How to Meet Women During the Day?

Let’s say you are standing in line at your favorite coffee shop.

You are wondering if you should go with your usual, a large black coffee, or treat yourself to a latte, when you see her again.

She is the cute blonde with her laptop and red headphones. Every time you see her, you talk yourself out of going up and talking to her.

Instead, you grab your large black coffee, and head out the door with your guts full of regret.

Has this happened to you?

I hear a different version of this story often or when men tell me why they wanted to start the Dating Makeover . Except maybe they met her at work, a park, on the street, or in a shop. A lot of guys want to meet women during the day, but they end up having problems.

Maybe they get nervous, maybe they chicken out, or maybe she just rejects them… many things could go wrong, but most of the problems stem from one thing.

The problem for most guys is their mindset.

Most guys make meeting women during the day such a big deal in their head, that it is really hard to be themselves. When they

approach her, their mind is playing out worst-case scenarios, instead of relaxing and enjoying the experience of talking to an attractive woman.

Most guys think too much about themselves… Will she reject me? How will I look? Will I know what to say? Will I sound stupid?

To be successful with meeting women at any time, you need to switch your focus.

Stop focusing on yourself and your insecurities and start focusing more on showing her a great time.

Attractive women have problems too. Usually they complain that they don’t meet enough great guys. Or if they do meet a great guy, he doesn’t ask her out.

Most guys don’t give themselves enough credit.

 Most guys think of themselves as a great man, who could have fun or even improve the life of the people they talk to. Maybe talking to you won’t change the course of her life or maybe talking to women isn’t a big deal.

Maybe you shouldn’t worry about it and just go do it more. Go have some fun with her and make sure she has a good time too.

Talking to women during the day is not a big deal, if you don’t make it one.

Here are 4 steps to How to Meet Women During the Day :

1. Have a reason to talk to her.

Don’t worry about coming up with a really great reason… any reason will do.

Here are some suggestions:

 -Ask for directions

-Ask for suggestions on a good restaurant/coffee shop/bar or anything in the area

-Comment about the weather

-Comment on the environment where you are both at: I love the coffee here… what about you?

-Ask for their suggestions in buying a gift. Maybe you are looking for a book, movie, or a great meal.

-Comment on something unique about her.

 2. Tell her some information about yourself.

Share some information about yourself first. Maybe talk about what you are doing or where you are going. Why are you in the store or looking for a gift?

Once you share a few details, then she will be more likely to open up to you.

If you have interesting hobbies and pastimes mention those at this time. Maybe there is a concert this weekend or an art opening you are excited about.

3. Make her laugh.

 Women are attracted to funny guys, so give humor a shot.

Maybe you could make light of the environment around you. Maybe you could playfully tease her about something (sort of like you would tease a little sister of yours… be really kind about it).

You don’t have to do a comedy act, just some light humor is fine.

4. Ask for her email address or phone number.

Before you leave, be sure to grab her email address or her phone number.

Most guys make the mistake of putting this off until the end of the conversation. But since you never know what could happen, I’d suggest you ask as quickly as possible.

It is as simple as saying, “Do you have email?”

Unless she lives in a cabin outside of town, she is going to say yes, so then you say,

“Why don’t you give me your email address? I’m always (mention an interesting activity that you had both just recently talked about) and maybe you could come along.”

Keep it very natural and low pressure… you are just having fun.

The great part about this 4-step How to Meet Women During the Day approach is that all of this happens in less than 5 minutes. You don’t need a really long conversation to ask for her information, just focus on relaxing and having some fun with her.

 Need More? Learn more about my Dating Makeover plan. You’ll meet attractive women everywhere – every day.


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