How to Save Money on Dates


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Ok, I’ll state the obvious.

Dating can be expensive. Especially for you men – as you usually pay.

Yes, women’s income has increased over the years, we’re liberated and know what we want but when the check comes – it’s usually the man who is paying the bill.

Rant, yell how unfair it is and it’s still the reality for most of you.

And you can’t save a few bucks by using a coupon. While this is changing in our current economy – whipping out your groupon coupon during a first date doesn’t usually make a great impression on your lovely lady. Again, unfair – guys have to pay and then get slammed when they try to save money on dates? Yikes!

I get it.

So when I heard about a new deal to discretely save money on restaurants – I was thinking of you. Because I want you dating and meeting Miss Right –Right now.

Restauranteers is a classy way to save on dates at high-end restaurants. Unlike Groupon and clones, Restauranteers doesn’t use coupons. Just make your reservation and the discount (20-30%) is automatically and discretely applied to your entire bill. You don’t need to use a card, coupon, or say a magic word. Just make your reservation on and be Mr. Suave on your date.

And these aren’t Old Country Buffet restaurants. They’ve got many upscale places that normally don’t discount anywhere. Restaurants like – Wrigley Mansion’s Gordies, Arrivederci Ristorante, Christopher’s and more. Restauranteers is in Phoenix, Seattle, San Diego and Sacramento and their list is growing.

Restauranteers is $60 BUT offering my readers a free 1 year membership. So get your free membership and start saving now. The only catch is you need to sign up for it by November 30, 2011 to get the free 1 year membership. Who loves you? Hint….you’re suppose to say – me 😉

To start your free subscription, visit the link and register with the promo code: PHXMEETUP.

And to sweeten the deal –there’s a free contest. Anyone who signs up will also be entered to win a $150 gift card at a restaurant of their choice.

And of course, you don’t have to have a date but go out with friends, family or impress the boss while saving up to 30% on your entire bill. My mom and friends have already signed up.

And of course the best way to save right now is to sign up for my 2 for 1 Special for Finding the Right One Now.