How to Spot a Narcissist


Interesting article reviews a study how to spot a narcissist – fast. The research concluded that asking someone if he or she is a narcissist is the best way. It seems narcissist don’t lie about who they are. Actually they’re pretty proud of it. When asked, they will say they are and the study confirms they were too. Yes, how to spot a narcissist can be that easy.

I’m not convinced that this is 100% true but I think it can be useful in dating. No, don’t ask every first date if they’re a narcissist. That will make YOU look like the unstable one.

Instead you can be sure be sure that a Narcissist doesn’t hide who he or she is. It is easy to spot a Narcissist if you step back from what they say and watch what they does. Their actions will tell you who they are. And if they are? Ask them before you walk out the door and find out if the study was accurate.

Find out the quick and easy ways to find out if you’re dating a Narcissist.

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