How to Tell If She Is Interested in Meeting You

How to Tell Ifshe's Interested in Meeting you


Do You Wonder How to Tell If She Is Interested In Meeting You?

“Is there a way I can tell if she is interested in me, before I go up to her?”

You’ve felt it before I’m betting… most guys have.

You see an attractive girl across the bar or coffee shop and your stomach tightens up and starts flopping around like a dead fish.

Anxiety, fear, and nerves course through your body as you mentally picture yourself going up to her and starting a conversation.

Your devious mind starts running through the worst-case scenarios of her rudely rejecting you.

So, you make up an excuse to stay where you are.

Of course as she walks out, you feel the dull, thudding pain of regret. Maybe she would have really liked you?

Can You Tell – Is She Interested In Meeting You?, BEFORE you go up to her?

There are a few clues that I’ll share at the end of this article, but the real problem lies in asking this question.

The problem with trying to figure out if she is interested in meeting you, before you’ve spoken, means that you are assuming she wouldn’t want to meet you.

You are trying to figure out what she is thinking, instead of just going up and asking her.

You are a great guy… right?

What if you assumed that she would love to meet you?

Of course, you aren’t alone in asking this question.

A lot of my clients experience the same anxiety and nerves, before they walk up to an attractive girl, even if they are experienced at talking to women.

Most humans are scared of rejection.

In fact, most humans are so scared of rejection that we will avoid potentially harmless actions, so there is zero chance we will fail.

But if she wasn’t into you… is this really failing?

What if you never meet that compatible, beautiful girl that you’ve always wanted?

What if you die alone and full of regret?

Plus, let’s say that she does reject you… what is the worst she would do?

Women are rarely rude to a guy, who politely comes up to them and starts a conversation. She will probably just send you some subtle signals that she is busy and doesn’t want to talk.

Now you know for sure and can move on.

Does it mean you are a loser, if she rejects you? I’m going to take a stand and say, “No Way!”

In fact, she just did you a favor.

She just saved you some time to continue looking for that girl, who will light up your life every day. She just encouraged you to keep searching for that girl, who will be excited to talk to you.

Stop assuming she doesn’t want to meet you and go up and say, Hello.

Why wouldn’t she want to meet you?

I bet you are saying… well, maybe she has a boyfriend; maybe she is a lesbian; maybe she only dates NBA stars; maybe she isn’t attracted to me, because I’m ________ (fill in your particular insecurity here: I’m too short/tall/pudgy/skinny/bald/quiet/loud)

Well, maybe she won’t love you, but the only way you will know for sure is to go up and say, “How are you?.”

Many women do send subtle signals to guys to encourage them to approach too. Just don’t get caught up in over thinking her signals, because these are just probabilities.

Here are some signals to Answer – Is She Interested In Meeting You?

1. Eye contact: Single women will look around a bar more and if she holds eye contact with you for slightly longer than the social norm, then she is interested. However, don’t be discouraged, if she looks away quickly. Women have been taught to flutter their eyes flirtatiously for generations.

If she looks away, keep watching her. According to research, if she is interested in you, she will look back at you within 45 seconds.

When she checks you out again smile and go say, “Beautiful weather out there today, eh?” or “You look like someone I had to meet.” or “This is my song, let’s dance.” It really doesn’t matter what you say – just approach and say something.

2. Smile: If she smiles at you, she is basically saying,

“Hey buddy, I’m giving you the green light to come talk to me.”

3. Body Positioning: Are her torso or her feet facing towards you?  If so, then this is a signal that she is interested. Learn more about body language in my prior blog.

But guess what… all of these are just signs.

A lot of women are shy or are nervous about meeting guys, just like you are, so they will not send any signals whatsoever.

If you think she is cute, then go say, Hi.

What is the worst that could happen?

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