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Online dating photos

Love it or hate it – Online Dating is one of the top ways singles are finding love. In a recent study, USA Today reported that 1 out of every 3 marriages were of result of people meeting online. The study also shows that these marriages were happier and less likely to divorce.

Do you want to be one of those happy numbers?

You must have great photos.  It may seem superficial but photos are the main reason people read profiles. IF your photos are not good, people click on to another profile. Often those are the people you are trying to meet.If you’ve read any of my past blogs, you know I am 100% convinced, unyielding, fanatical, etc.  that you need great photos to be online.

IF you feel you’re one of those people who “just don’t take good photos”, you are in the majority.   It is not that you’re unattractive and do not take good photos. But you’re not a professional model that knows how to pose, angle, has their makeup professionally done, has their clothes selected for them, and is used to being in front of the camera so can just relax.  Instead you are probably like most regular people. You have photos done by family and friends who try to capture a good shot but don’t know how. Or by photographers who are not experienced with taking online photos and so just click.

My clients get great photos because I have selected their clothes to make sure they wear good “photo clothes”; I style them; coordinate the backgrounds; position them to capture their best features and – we laugh. So they feel great during the photo shoots and it shows. Their photos show their fun, relaxed and positive person because my client had a good time. People are amazed that they can take “great pictures”. And the online results dramatically improve!

You may not have the opportunity to work with me to get those same fantastic results. But my friend, Giles Fabris, the CEO at Lookbetteronline, has made it so you can get great photos wherever you are. Giles is an impressive guy (who met his girlfriend online who he describes as “the Girl of his Dreams!”) and wants to help you have online romance success too.

First he’s written a free eBook that has practical tips and tricks on how to get great photos. Email me at joann@joanncohen.com and I will send your free copy. Its 22 pages of useful information that will help you get fabulous photos. it’s a practical and easy guide that you can instantly use to start getting better photos.

Next, Giles is offering my readers an incredible special on photos!!!  By clicking here and putting in the code joann, you’ll get $40 off your photo package.

I have had many clients use them and they have been very happy with their photos. And I have used them too!

They have many photographers throughout the United States so you should find a great photographer in your area.

They already have fabulous prices and this discount is an awesome deal. Don’t miss it. Take advantage of the $40 discount by clicking here   and use the promo code joann. Then email when you meet the right one and tell me all about it!!

What My Previous Clients Say (Engaged now!!)

“I am a man in my early thirties and initially met Joann at a party. Later, she saw some pictures of me online, and gave me some advice on how to look better in photos. We started to chat about internet dating and I was fascinated with how familiar she was with statistics about the different demographics of internet dating, how to make myself stand out online, and dating in general. I had been reading a lot about meeting women, and it was refreshing to hear such simple and straightforward advice from Joann. It’s amazing what personal, individualized advice can do for you versus reading generic advice in a book or a web page.

I asked Joann for help with my photos and she suggested an image consultation and having professional photos taken. During the consultation, she complemented me on my good features and also gave me constructive advice. It was all very pleasant and fun. She arranged the photographer and also helped out during the photo shoot, which was A LOT OF FUN!

The photos and online profile came out awesome! As a result, my dating choices have tremendously improved! I finally feel like I am making the choices on who to date, versus relying on only women who showed interest in me. Joann has been and continues to be a great resource to me for dating. I get the feeling I won’t be needing her advice much longer though. It seems as though she is transforming her single clientele into couples who no longer need dating advice!” – Rod

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