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Arizona Women Matchmaker consultation

You Don’t Want to Wait ?


I have had many requests for women who want to meet with me right away about Matchmaking. They want the Woman Matchmaking Consultation right away!

There’s an Option!

You can meet with me for 55 minutes at my Scottsdale office for Straight Talk from Arizona’s Top Matchmaker.

We will talk about my Matchmaking,

You can learn how to be your own Matchmaker.

Get suggestions on How AND Where to meet the Right Men.

Answer Any other dating questions you have.

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Please read the FAQs below about your Consultation.


Does Paying the Fee guarantee I will get a match?
No. I will only match you with a man who I feel is a great match for you. Everyone can get a date but you want to meet a quality man looking for a long-term relationship. I do not want to waste your or my client’s time just for a “date”. I want to introduce you to your forever partner.

If I don’t pay the Consultation Fee, then you won’t contact or match me?
No. As THE Phoenix Matchmaker, I am looking to have my male clients, meet the very best women who can be their wives. Paying a fee does not give any woman priority. This is only an optional service for those women who have requested it. Click to see how my free matchmaking for women works

If I am not matched with any of your clients, can I have the fee refunded?
No. I do not encourage women to pay for a consultation. This is only an option for women who do not want to wait for me to contact them.

Can I talk about online dating or where to meet men?
This is your time where I will answer your dating concerns. We can talk about dating apps, dressing to impress, how to text, where to meet single men in Phoenix or any other dating questions you have.

Does this make it faster for you to match me with a client?
Maybe. Since I have already interviewed you, when I get a new client, I can have you match you right away. You do not have to wait for me to contact you for the interview to introduce you to the client. But you still have to be a great match for the Client.

When you’re ready – click this link    1 Hour with the Matchmaker