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Matchmaking Consultation for Men

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Dating women is easy. With a swipe, you can meet hundreds of women.

It’s Meeting the woman that is a fit for you that can be the challenge.

It all starts with Meeting Joann Cohen Phoenix Matchmaker.


Matchmaking Consultation for Men

Find out if Joann’s Matchmaking is for you during your matchmaking consultation. In your private consultation, Joann is going to ask you a lot of questions and really listen. Each man has his unique history, perceptions, needs and desires. It’s during this consultation that Joann finds out who you really are and who you want to meet.

Your Consultation with Joann helps both her and you know if her matchmaking is right for you.  This is a frank and open conversation about you and your romantic life. How have you have tried to meet the right woman.  What’s worked and what hasn’t.  Joann will find out who is the perfect match for you AND if you’re ready to meet her.

Some men meet with Joann and want to work with her – but the timing isn’t right.

  • They’re not over their exs.
  • They need something in their lives but it isn’t a woman.
  • What they’re looking for, a matchmaker isn’t going to be able to find.
  • Maybe the man and Joann just don’t click.

And when this happens, Joann doesn’t accept them as clients.

Some men find that the advice Joann gives in their consultation is all they need for the present.

But if you’re ready and the time is right to meet the right woman, then Joann will talk about how her matchmaking works.  After asking all the questions and doing the analysis,  Joann will have the information she needs. She will then talk about what your matchmaking program would be tailored.

Then feel free to think it over.

The matchmaking consultation isn’t a sales pitch where she’s going to try and convince you to hire her.  Take your time to think it over. Call. Ask more questions. The goal is for you to be comfortable and really be ready to be with your life partner. Once that you want and are ready for the right woman, let Joann know.

Then Prepare! Once you start with her unique matchmaking process, prepare for fast action!

Joann’s custom matchmaking program is targeted to introduce you to your ideal partner as quickly as possible.

Joann’s Matchmaking Consultations are 90 minutes.

To ensure your confidentiality, you will meet in person at Joann’s Scottsdale office. We are going to be getting into some personal stuff. You can relax knowing that you won’t be at a busy restaurant or coffee shop where others can over hear what you share.

Consultations are by appointment only. Appointment times are done between the hours of Monday – Thursday 11:00 AM- 7:00PM, Fridays 11:00 AM – 5:00PM

If you and Joann decide to work together, the consultation fee will be applied to your matchmaking program.

If you know you are interested in meeting with Joann

Schedule your appointment NOW!

Three Easy Steps

  1. Complete your Confidential Profile
  2. Make your appointment and pay for your 90 minute Private Consultation with Joann
  3. Mark your Calendar! You’ll also get confirmation emails and reminders (check your junk folders)

My normal cancellation policy applies to consultations.

What Are People Saying

“Dear Joann,

When my wife passed away after 27 years of a very happy and rewarding marriage, I realized that I had to replace the lost companionship or look forward to a bleak future.

I was turned off by the hit or miss relationships that might come from the impersonal internet, so I began looking for a more personal way to meet the right woman. When my research turned up your service, I liked the personal approach that you described. Our first meeting confirmed for me your obvious dedication to your clients in finding the right match for them.

The first match that you arranged for me was as far as I had to go; we have found that we share so many of the same interests and qualities! We both know what we want and are looking forward to an exciting future together. You truly have the magic touch. I would never have met this warm and lovely lady but for you.

A heartfelt thank you from both of us.”

– Bernie

“Working with Joann is unlike any other matchmaking service I have used before. The experience begins with an enjoyable interview where Joann really takes the time to get to understand who you are and who would be your ideal match. She then came over to my house to even better understand my lifestyle and personality. Within days, I was matched with high caliber, hand selected women who were passionate about who they were and women who were equally wanting quality, lifelong relationships. Every encounter was personalized and a pleasant experience. Joann would provide coaching before and after each encounter. She receives immediate feedback to share with both parties to help sharpen the next experience. Joann seems always available and eager to help. She truly wants not Mrs. Now for you but Mrs. Right.

I have been a member of a nationally recognized matchmaking firm. They operate by placing their efforts into mass marketing efforts and then cross their fingers that the right woman will come in for you. Those services are not personalized and result in very few encounters. I had 6 encounters with that service in the year and a half I was a member. With Joann, I had 6 encounters in 1 month with all high quality, hand selected women. Joann’s philosophy is that the “cream rises to the top” and when you date these women with youth, beauty, and passion you will agree.
The simple benefit of working with Joann is that she offers personalized matchmaking services. She will attend events where women of your type congregate be it an art walk, ethnic festival, culinary event, charity event or elsewhere to find your ideal match. She is not about mass marketing, but instead uses her efforts to scout for the client. She provides immediate feedback and is a great dating coach even after you find your match. I now have my ideal match and use Joann just to pass my own relationship questions by. My advice to any client would be to ‘do your homework’ and ask any matchmaking firm for references and reviews. Joann is well below the cost of the nationally publicized matchmaking firms and will provide more encounters, and better matches.”

– Jesse