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Joann's Matchmaking Process

1. Assessment: This is a confidential 90-minute face to face meeting with Joann at her office. No potential embarrassment discussing your private information at a busy restaurant or coffee shop. With total privacy in Joann’s Scottsdale office, you can feel comfortable to talk about who you are, your past, needs and desires.

Joann will find out your deal breakers, what your past relationships have been like, what you truly want in your future love partner and your goal of a healthy romantic life looks like. It is Joann’s mission to find out who you are and what woman you want to share your life with.

Men report that this personal conversation allows them feel they have be really been heard. They often get the information that enables them to improve their success in their love lives, even if Joann won’t be their matchmaker.

The Assessment makes sure that you and Joann “match”. Joann meets with each man personally.

No surprises. There is a fee for meeting with Joann. She spends at least an hour and half with you. in your private meeting, Joann focuses 100% on you.Her time is limited and she has learned that a small fee helps determine who is serious about finding out more about her matchmaking. This allows Joann to take the time and not rush you through the process.

If it’s not a match, Joann will make suggestions on what the best next steps that will help you. Joann is networked with dating professionals and other experts across the United States. IF she’s not the right solution, she will help you find who and what is.

2. Campaign: Joann gets into action. She creates a Recruitment Strategy based on your preferences and deal breakers.

Sure, she’s got thousands of women in her database but in today’s fast moving world it takes more. To find the woman you really want, that meets your lifestyle, interests, values and goals, Joann creates your unique custom made plan created around you.

Joann screens and selects the best women for each client to meet.Joann’s result proven strategic step by step plan will find you the woman you’ve always wanted to meet.

With over 20 years in recruitment and as a certified recruitment specialist, Joann provides the most comprehensive vetting of single women in Arizona. How confident is she about the quality of women she introduces? Joann offers a 100% money back guarantee if you divorce her match for any reason.

You’ll receive her unique Matchmaking process that combines her executive recruitment, certified social media recruitment, and traditional matchmaking methodologies to create the perfect comprehensive matchmaking experience.

Marketing You – Your information is strictly confidential. But Joann is talking to the top 10% of single women. Like you, these women can get dates. Like you, they’re picky and tired of dates that go nowhere. Visualize how a beautiful and smart woman is going to feel about meeting you when she knows you are seriously seeking a relationship and have similar values and life goals?

3. Connection:  No telephone tag, missing calls. Joann handles all the logistics of your first date from exchanging information, date, time, and location. This allows you to have one less thing to do during your busy day. You can relax and enjoy meeting with your hand-picked match.

4. Feedback: No wondering about how your date went. No ghosting. Joann will find out what you thought and felt about your match and what her impression was of you. Clients say the objective feedback is one of the benefits of being matched by Joann. This information can provide insight you rarely hear about how you do on dates. This knowledge allows you to make any adjustments to create the relationships you’re seeking.

5. You Fall in Love! Even after you’re matched and in a relationship, Joann is still there for you. No matter when, you will always be able to contact Joann with any relationship questions. She gets questions on Birthday gift ideas; proposal ideas. engagement rings, and of course, any important relationship areas.


  • Locally based. Boots on the ground. Some Matchmakers are not located in the Phoenix area but only use online recruitment strategies only to try and find a man the right woman. This limits them from utilizing all the ways to meet quality women and they’re not meeting women face to face. Joann personally meets with each woman to ensure that their profiles are accurate, assess who they are and if they are the right to meet any of her clients.
  • Money Back Guarantee. Joann is the only Matchmaker in Arizona to guarantee your marriage. If you get divorced from Joann’s Match, for any reason, your entire Matchmaking fee is returned to you. No questions asked!
  • Only Matchmaker who accepts Men only as Matchmaking Clients. That means Joann is laser focused on finding a great match for you. She understands and appreciates the unique desires and needs of each of her clientsMen only meet women that Joann feels is the best match for them. You’re not wasting time and money meeting women who paid to get in front of the line to meet you.
  • Limited Number of Clients. Joann only takes a limited number of Clients so she may fully focus on finding them their life partners. You can relax knowing that you will be treated as a VIP. Because Joann limits her clients, she has the time to find you the right match, consult and just talk as you need.
  • Premium Matchmaker Only. You work exclusively with Joann and only she finds and introduces you to your matches. Some Matchmakers will relegate you to a junior Matchmaker and charge you a premium price to work with the most experienced Matchmaker. Why hire a Matchmaker if you aren’t working with the Best?
  • Unlimited Matching. Hopefully the first match is the right one. But what if it isn’t? While some Matchmakers have only a pre-determined number of women you will meet, Joann doesn’t have that limits. Sure, it isn’t speed dating. But Joann’s driven to find you the right one. If that means you should meet more women, then you meet more women.
  • Your Agreement can be “frozen”. Life happens. Love happens. If for any reason, you need to take a break from matching, you can freeze your contract for up to 4 months. This means if you want to focus on a great match and not meet more women, your contract will go on hold for up to 4 months.
  • Certified Online Recruiter – Joann combines traditional matchmaking with 21st century sourcing techniques. She will find women in real life AND combine it with certified online sourcing. Joann’s CIR and CSSR certifications provider her with all the tools to find the right woman, wherever that woman is.
  • Master’s Degree with a focus in Human Relations and Counseling. Joann isn’t a counselor but has the education, certifications and matchmaking experience to help you make the best choice for your life partner.
  • Experienced Dating Coach. Joann is nationally recognized as Phoenix’s Top Dating Coach. Most Matchmakers don’t have the expertise of coaching men in the real world to meet women, Virtual Dating Assistant, Dating Apps, practice dates, body language and more. Joann’s expert knowledge helps troubleshoot any problem areas and create your personal Strategic step by step plan with proven results.
  •  Support when the Contract is Over. Many matchmakers don’t provide the ongoing follow up after the matching to ensure you have a life long relationship. When you are matched by Joann, she is always available to talk about your relationship, question or concerns.

When you are working with any business, you want to know what the guarantees are. You’re a man looking to work with a Matchmaker who not only says what she will do. She guarantees what she will do.

Joann Says What She Will Do.

And she guarantees what she will do –  In writing.

Here are the guarantees working with Joann the Phoenix Matchmaker:

  • Money Back Guarantee. None of Joann’s Clients have gotten divorced. This is due to the care of the matching and screening of potential matches. How confident is Joann will match you? If you get divorced for any reason, You will receive 100% of your entire Matchmaking fee refunded. No questions asked.
  • Joann personally meets with each Arizona woman one to one. This avoids the online dating surprises of someone looking and being different than her profile. Ensuring that the women you meet have been hand selected. Joann usually meets with four women to every woman you meet.
  • Accurate Information. You will receive up to date information about your match with correct age, status and data. No more guesswork wondering the real age and status of a woman you meet.
  • Screened matches. Only Joann personally meets each woman, she checks i.d. and runs a background check using been verified. You can relax and make the connection with women who have proven to meet your criteria.
  • Personalized Service – you work only with Joann. Sure, Joann has a team of the best photographers, image consultants and other experts to ensure each client’s success. But all the selection and matching are done exclusively by Joann. You won’t be relegated to working with a Junior Matchmaker or intern or have to pay extra to work with Joann. You want to make your best financial and time investment by only with working with the Best Scottsdale Matchmaker for you.
  • Feedback after each meeting each match. You will find out if a woman is interested and any information that will help you in future dating. No more wondering why a woman wasn’t interested.
  • Personalized search to find your ideal mate. Not only does Joann have thousands of attractive women, as an experienced Recruiter she knows you can’t just rely on a database. Joann has the certified expertise to create a recruitment plan customized to find your idea match.
  • VIP Concierge Service – Not only does Joann find the women you want to meet as well, she plans your special evening when you meet. That means you can relax and make the most important connection in your life.

Joann takes a limited number of men to ensure that she can focus and successfully match each and every client. That means – she can’t work with every man who is interested in having her as his Matchmaker. Not every man is the right client for her.

You’re The Right Client If:

  • You are Seeking that One Special Woman.
  • You are Ready for a Relationship.
  • Your Life is Good. You don’t need a woman to fix you.
  • You want the same success in your love life that you’ve had in your professional life.
  • You have Good Social skills.
  • You’ve Focused on Your career and Now you have the time and true desire to be with someone.
  • You can get Dates, You just Don’t Have the Time.
  • You’re Not looking to Speed Date a Quantity of Women – but seeking Quality Women.
  • You live in the greater Phoenix area.
  • Finding the Right One is One of Your Top Goals.
  • You know You’re a Great Catch and Have Realistic Expectations of match. What you expect in a woman – you have that yourself. If you want a socially comfortable woman – you also know how to handle yourself in a crowd.
  • But you’re not perfect, that’s okay.
    • Maybe your picker is broke. Yes, you’ve been stuck in dating the same type; the type that isn’t good for you. You want the expertise of a professional who can help you stop making the mistakes you’ve always made.
    • You do okay on dates but sometimes freeze up when you are with a beautiful woman.
    • It happens – all the time.

Joann is also Arizona’s Top Dating Coach. If you are always striving to be your best in all areas of your life, Joann can help. If you need some adjustments in image, creating attraction or helping you make your best choice in a life partner, Joann can provide the proven strategies to achieve all your romantic goals.

Joann’s clients were like you. Now in healthy, loving relationships they feel their lives are what they have wanted them to be.

If you think you’re the right client and ready to meet the right woman you have always wanted, schedule a consultation with Joann today!

Matchmaking Consultation For Men

In your 90 minute private consultation, Joann is going to ask you a lot of questions and really listen. Each man has his unique history, perceptions, needs and desires. It’s during this consultation that Joann finds out who you really are and who you want to meet.

Your Consultation helps Joann and you know if her matchmaking is right for you.  This is a frank and open conversation about you and your romantic life.  What’s worked and what hasn’t.  Joann will find out who is the perfect match for you AND if you’re ready to meet her.

Then Get Ready! Once you start with Joann’s unique matchmaking process, prepare for fast action!  Joann’s custom matchmaking program is targeted to introduce you to your ideal partner as quickly as possible.

To ensure your confidentiality, you will meet in person at Joann’s Scottsdale office. You can relax knowing that you won’t be at a busy restaurant or coffee shop where others can over hear what you share.

If you and Joann decide to work together, the consultation fee will be applied to your matchmaking program.


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Three Easy Steps to Get Started

  1. Complete your Confidential Profile
  2. Make your appointment and pay for your 90 minute Private Consultation with Joann
  3. Mark your Calendar! You’ll also get confirmation emails and reminders (check your junk folders)

Normal cancellation policy applies to consultations.