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How Does Phoenix Matchmaking For Women Work?

If you are a woman ready for a lasting relationship, learn how Joann Cohen Arizona Matchmaker can help. With Joann, there is no charge for Phoenix Matchmaking For Women.

My male clients are attractive, smart and successful men looking for forever relationships.

You will love meeting these Arizona Single Men. Like you, my clients are attractive, smart and want to have “the relationship”.

I am very fortunate that so many women are interested in me matching them to one of my fantastic male clients. Due to the large number of women interested in free Phoenix Matchmaking, I am unable to accept women’s individual calls.  This page has links that will answer your questions. Please review and then fill out a profile so I can learn more about you.

Meet with Me right Away – Due to the numerous requests from beautiful single women who want to meet with me, I created an optional service. If you not want to wait for me to contact you – but want to meet with me right away then click here

  • Complete a profile to tell me all about you. Your profile is confidential.
  • If I have a client that is a possible match, I contact you for a meeting. I want to know all about you.
  • If we meet, you and I will have an individual one on one meeting. There are no group meetings. This is a private one on one meeting, so we can really talk. Often women find these meetings help in all areas of their love lives.
  • After the meeting, I will decide if you are a match for a current client. If you are, I’ll arrange for you to meet him. And there is no cost to you! 
  • If I decide it’s not a match, no worries! Your info is saved so if a new client is a great match – I will contact you right away.
  • But you need to be serious about looking for a lifelong relationship.  Because my clients and I are not looking for players or casual daters. You – are like my clients – and want a Forever Relationship – not just a date.

Complete Joann’s Phoenix Matchmaking for Women profile if you are interested in a healthy, sane and supportive relationship that lasts forever.

Meet Successful Single Men

Ready for Scottsdale Matchmaking for Women? Your sneak peek at some of the Single Scottsdale Men who hired me to be their Phoenix Matchmaker. These men are living in Scottsdale and throughout the Phoenix area.

As Arizona’s only Love Recruiter for Men,  I only accept men as Clients.  If you’re a match for one of my clients, you never pay to meet him.

 He’s 35 years, 5’11“, very successful Etrepreneur and new to Scottsdale. He’s close to his family. My client is fun, great sense of humor.   Seeking smart, fit, women 28-36 years, with careers they love and are ready to start a family. He really wants to be a father. 

New Client– 5’10”, Attorney, Divorced, 64 years. Seeking life partner – 55-65 years, fit, fun, smart.

Tall! 6’6″, Successful, 35 years old. He’s funny, has frequent world travel, fit, and all around good guy!  Seeking fit women between 28-40 years. 

Tall Client – 6’2”, 52 years, divorced, successful business, internaional traveler, tennis, wine tasting. Seeking fit, 43-55 years, intelligent, ready for a forever relationship.  It’s okay if you have children, he just doesn’t want anymore.

Fun Client
– Retired Entertainment Executive, New to Arizona. He’s 64, super funny! Seeking outgoing women up to 5’6”, 55-65 years, fit.

Confident,  5’10”, 45 years, divorced, successful, PhD, avid biker, loves international travel, Seeking active, smart, fit women 35-46 years, with careers they enjoy, a sense of adventure, trying new experiences

Laid back, Entrepreneur, late 60s, divorced, grown sons, great relationship with them and his grandchildren. He enjoys fine dining, concerts, travel. He’s looking for a woman in her 50s/60s, attractive. He’s looking for a woman to spoil but not a gold digger.

 Success business owner, military reserves,  6’2”, muscular, 45 years, teenage daughter, successful business owner and new to Arizona. He’s seeking an upbeat, fit woman between 35-46 years who likes to be active.


45 years old, Successful, Very Athletic and Outgoing Entrepreneur.  He’s looking to meet a fit woman who wants to start a family.  You’re someone who enjoys her career and involved in self development. 

*** This isn’t a photo of him but someone he looks like. I don’t post photos of clients or my ladies!


45 year old man who looks like a real client with some text to his side saying "Very athletic, successful business owner, sky diving, travel, concerts. Seeks fit, active woman for new adventures and marriage!"

Phoenix Matchmaking For Women

Don’t Wait to Complete Your Profile! I match my Clients Fast. 

Remember – this is only a partial list of my Successful, Relation minded Bachelors. There are more.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get this question all the time “Why is Phoenix Matchmaking free for women?” Is it really free or if I meet with you, will I presented with a sales pitch?

I am looking for beautiful, charming, fabulous women that I can introduce my male clients to.

I have had clients from 26 to 86 years who all have been looking for forever relationships. That means – I want to know every fabulous woman within 100 miles!

As a Matchmaker for the men, if I have a Client who is looking for a woman like You – you will hear from me right away!

Because I do matchmaking for men, my job is to find Miss Right. I guarantee you will not be charged to be introduced to my clients.

Of course, that means – I can not guarantee women will meet with me or be matched.

I contact women to meet with me, only if they are possible matches for one of my current relationship minded successful clients. And during our meetings, I will learn if you are a match for that client. If not, I may get a new client that you may be right for.

With my Phoenix matchmaking – women are always introduced for free. So when I introduce a woman to her future husband, she doesn’t owe me a thing (though telling all her single friends is nice ;-).

If you are ready to meet Mr. Right, click to complete your profile

Yes! All you have to do is send an email to judy@joanncohen.com. She will check with me. Every once in a while, a woman thinks she submitted a profile but it wasn’t my matchmaking company. Or she got into a relationship, her profile was archived and she forgot to tell me she was single again. You don’t want to miss meeting Mr. Right. When in doubt, contact us! So feel free to reach out to judy@joanncohen.com and ask the status.

None. While I guarantee that you will not be charged to meet my male clients, I cannot guarantee that I will meet or introduce you to anyone. Because I am a Matchmaker for Men, looking for for their forever love partners. But I am not looking for the women. I work on behalf of my Male clients and when there’s a good match for one of them, only then will I contact a woman. But when I do contact a woman, she knows that my clients are relationship-minded men with successful careers and she will meet quality men.

Unlike other Matchmaking sites, I respect women’s wishes for discretion. Your photos will never be posted on my website.

Often I am asked to post clients’ photos. But this is a confidential search for my clients. At times, I have well-known men and celebrities as clients. Whether celebrity clients or not, my clients hire me to be their matchmaker as they know they can trust my discretion and confidentiality.

No one is ever too old to find love! You have no expiration date on finding a great guy. So, no, There is no age limit. All women are welcome to complete a profile.

Phoenix Mature Single women are welcome! I have introduced mature women (one lady in her late 70s) to their life partners. I get clients of all ages. If you’re a mature single woman, I want you to complete a profile.

I have been called the Scottsdale Millionaire Matchmaker. And yes, all my clients are financially secure. There are men who are still working to achieving their financial goals and still have invested their resources in working with me. They are serious about finding their life partners. Some of my clients are Engineers, Attorneys, Doctors, and many others.

No. I don’t accept women as Matchmaking clients.

I only accept men as clients for matchmaking. This allows me to focus on finding the best matches for my male clients. The good news is you will never be charged to meet any of my fabulous men. Many women want to thank me for introducing them to their Mr. Right. The best thank you is to refer me to all your single friends. If you are serious about finding your one, I encourage you to contact me regarding my Coaching services. I have many women I coached. Now they’re with the men of their dreams.

I am also called the Scottsdale Matchmaker, Arizona Matchmaker, and Yenta! My clients are in the greater Phoenix area. Unfortunately, it is difficult to match women who do not live in the Phoenix area. Every woman who is introduced to any of my clients – first has a personal meeting with me ( I don’t do Zoom for these meetings).  It is very difficult for a woman living outside the Phoenix area to arrange to meet with me. Then she has to be able to arrange to travel to the Phoenix area to meet my client. And then she has to keep traveling to keep dating! Yowza! 

My suggestion is to look for a Matchmaker in your area. Check BBB, google, and yelp reviews to help make a good decision. 

If you are a possible match for one of my clients, you may get an email to arrange an interview within days! If you are not a match for one of my current successful single men, then you will be contacted when you are a possible match for a new client. When I have a new matchmaking client, I always review my database of beautiful single women.

Never give up! Many women tell their stories of how they completed their profiles and felt they’d NEVER hear from me. That is – until I contacted them and they met “their one”. Everyone can get a “Date”.  You don’t want a “Date”. You Want to Stop Dating.  You want me to match you with a great guy who is the right man for you. Remember, it does not cost anything to complete a profile. And by completing the profile – you may have the one in lifetime opportunity of meeting your forever partner. So you have nothing to lose and the biggest possible reward – a loving relationship that lasts!  

Keep your heart and a mind open to possibilities. For example, If in your profile you say you only will date 6′ minimum and 40 years, then you’ll miss when a great 41-year-old client who is 5’11”. My Scottsdale Matchmaking Profile isn’t where you want to put your wish list but the real deal breakers. With thousands of women’s profiles, I use technology to run reports of possible matches. If you are too limiting on your match – you simply won’t show up in my results.

Ready For Your Happily Ever After?

Complete your profile to find out if any successful single men are looking for a woman like you today!