Online Dating During a Recession

While singles’ 401ks may be dropping, their interest in Online Dating has increased. Many popular Online Dating Sites from Match to EHarmony have reported dramatic increases in their membership, and profits. Match, EHarmony and Craigslist have each reported 20% increases or more from 2007.

It seems the down economic times bring out a desire for romance or perhaps a way to find love more economically. The reasons for this interest in Online Dating during a recession can range from stressful times bringing on an urge to bond, saving money in the pursuit of the right one, or many singles having less money to go out and spending more time at home – and on the Internet.

Online Dating During a Recession May Be Your Best Choice

Whatever the reason, increased number of singles, many find now is the best time to give Internet Dating a try.  Not only can Internet Dating can be economical, it works!

A recent Harris Interactive study showed that 31% of married couples between the ages of 45 and 54, and 18% of couples between 20 and 44, met online. That’s a higher percentage than those who met through friends or the workplace. Check my other dating advice blogs for easy ways to make your Internet Dating more successful.

Here are a few online dating sites that you can try for free or have a free trial period. Make sure you carefully read their cancellation policy or you may find yourself automatically enrolled and billed. – always 100% free to post profiles, email, etc. – offers a free 7 day trial – offers a free trial period frequently offers free weekends

Online dating during a recession maybe the most economical and the biggest reward (love) choice.

Joann Cohen
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