Why is Phoenix Matchmaking Free for Women?


I get this question all the time “Why is Phoenix Matchmaking free for women?” Is it really free or if I meet with you, will I presented with a sales pitch?

I am looking for beautiful, charming, fabulous women that I can introduce my male clients to.

I have had clients from 26 to 86 years who all have been looking for forever relationships. That means – I want to know every fabulous woman within 100 miles!

As a Matchmaker for the men, if I have a Client who is looking for a woman like You – you will hear from me right away!

Because I do matchmaking for men, my job is to find Miss Right. I guarantee you will not be charged to be introduced to my clients.

Of course, that means – I can not guarantee women will meet with me or be matched.

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I contact women to meet with me, only if they are possible matches for one of my current relationship minded successful clients. And during our meetings, I will learn if you are a match for that client. If not, I may get a new client that you may be right for.

Phoenix Matchmaking Free for Women

With my Phoenix matchmaking – women are always introduced for free. So when I introduce a woman to her future husband, she doesn’t owe me a thing (though telling all her single friends is nice ;-).

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