How Does Phoenix Matchmaking for Women Work?

This page is a summary of how Joann’s Phoenix Matchmaking for women works. I hope these easy steps help you understand how Phoenix Matchmaking for women works.

  • Complete a profile to tell me all about you. Your profile is confidential.
  • If I have a client that is a possible match, I contact you for a meeting. I want to know all about you.

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  • If we meet, you and I will have an individual one on one meeting. There are no group meetings. This is a private one on one meeting, so we can really talk. Often women find these meetings help in all areas of their love lives.
  • After the meeting, I will decide if you are a match for a current client. If you are, I’ll arrange for you to meet him. And there is no cost to you!  Click to find out why Joann’s Phoenix Matchmaking is free for Women.
  • But you need to be serious about looking for a lifelong relationship.  Because my clients and I are not looking for players or casual daters. You – are like my clients – and want a Forever Relationship – not just a date.

Complete Joann’s Phoenix Matchmaking for Women profile  if you are interested in a healthy, sane and supportive relationship that lasts forever.

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