What New Dating Book Should I Read?

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What New Dating Book Should I Read?

Phoenix Matchmaker -What New Dating Book Should I Read?

I wanted to share part of an email that I received from a man who spoke to me also on the phone. He has wanted a relationship for several years and emailed me for advice. His situation isn’t uncommon.

Hello Joann,

Are you coming to my area and conducting a flirting workshop? I found your work intriguing.  Also that you started out in another field and then took your sociology, education, and human resources backgrounds and applied it to something we used to take for granted but that is becoming more complex.  Boy meets girl or girl meets boy. You seem like a person that derives satisfaction out of helping people.

I have read self-help books such as Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4 and Book 5 in a slightly related topic, I read another book how to create positive first impression. The author came to our area and gave a seminar a few years ago.  I learned a lot about myself and ladies and how to relate better with people in general and ladies I am romantically interested in.

I’m also interested in Book 6, Book 7. I have just begun reading Book 8. Can you recommend others?

Sincerely, Bob

Now Bob (not his real name) is NOT unusual. Look at your book shelf and you probably have several books on how to meet, communicate, flirt, date, and get a relationship. You may have attended teleseminars, workshops, lectures and been excited by what you heard and then………waited.

  • You waited until you had more confidence.
  • You waited until you had more free time.
  • You waited until you lost 10 more pounds.
  • You waited until you found friends who wanted to go to new places with you.
  • You waited until after the holidays, your birthday, or your relative’s birthday.
  • You waited until work wasn’t so busy.
  • You waited for that man or woman who is busy but will have time for you some day.
  • You waited till you found the perfect situation to talk to someone new – which never happened.

And by then, your enthusiasm was gone. You may have blamed the author, workshop, the opposite sex for being so difficult and most likely, you blamed yourself. Once again, you didn’t do it – get out of your comfort zone and try something new. So you beat yourself up, watched more TV, indulged in some fattening food, or joined with your friends when they complained about the opposite sex. Anything to take away the disappointment that you were still alone.

There are lots of great books, workshops, and speakers. The “right technique” can be analyzed and studied BUT if you don’t put it into action, then nothing is going to change. Once you got the basics – TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY. It’s time to take to take it to the real world. Because no author, book, CD series is ever going to take the place of – doing.

What New Dating Book Should I Read?

So my advice to Bob and everyone else this applies to – stop reading and take action. Get off the coach, stop reading and get out there. Meet people; Go to a new place; Try a singles event; Try internet dating; Talk to anyone and everyone.  It is fun, and taking action is the only way to achieve your goal.  One more book or workshop is not going to make it “happen” .

As a Scottsdale Matchmaker, I know Bob and many singles like him. He’s funny, intelligent and knows how to treat a lady. And the only thing that’s stopping Bob is Bob.

What New Dating Book Should I Read? Ready to stop reading and Meet the Right One?

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 Joann Cohen
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