Ready for Tinder Plus?

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Good news for Tinder Users.

Tinder Plus should be released in the United States in March. Link It’s already rolled out in test markets in other parts of the world. And now it’s our turn. Next month, look to step up your Tinder dating in the good old U.S. of A.

What does Tinder Plus offer over regular Tinder?

 Undo. Experienced Tinder Users have probably made the fatal mistake of swiping no, when they wanted to swipe yes. Screams of frustration as the person you knew was your soulmate disappeared forever. Tinder Plus to the rescue. Tinder Plus will let you recover and “unswipe”. So your desired match will not be loss.

 Passport Option. This allows you to search outside your current area. So if you’re away but can’t wait to see who’s available in your home town (Tinder can be quite addicting), you’ll love this option. And of course, you can also check out available singles to meet on your next vacation. Hmm… Maybe you can relocate.

Unlimited Likes. Right now on regular Tinder you can have unlimited likes. Yes, you just like everyone or no one. This changes next month. You’re going to have to add Tinder Plus or be limited on the number of likes in a day.

What’s the limit? Not been announced yet but it’s going to annoy lots of Tinder users who don’t want to pay to swipe.

Yes, these services come at a cost.

Prices haven’t been announced yet but the talk is between .99 -$20. The buzz  is that it will roll out with a price of $6.99. Not outrageous but with a large percentage of users fall into the 25-34 age bucket, there probably be a lot of complaining.

But complaints about Tinder Plus costs likely won’t make a difference. While there are a lot of Tinder wannabes, no other dating app company has come close to Tinder’s success. With an estimated 22-24 Million Tinder is still the top dating app. With no competition most Tinder users will most likely stay with them.

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