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Learn how Arizona matchmaking for women works. If you are a woman ready for a lasting relationship, learn how Joann Cohen Arizona Matchmaker can help.

My male clients are attractive, smart and successful men looking for forever relationships.

You will love meeting these Arizona Single Men. Like you, my clients are attractive, smart and want to have “the relationship”.

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How Does It Work?

Frequently Asked Questions – Phoenix Matchmaker’s Matching for Women.

Why is Joann’s Phoenix Matchmaking Free for Women?

I am very fortunate that so many women are interested in me matching them to one of my fantastic male clients. Due to the large number of women interested in free Phoenix Matchmaking, I am unable to accept women’s individual calls.  This page has links that will answer your questions. Please review and then fill out a profile so I can learn more about you.

Meet with Me right Away – Due to the numerous requests from beautiful single women who want to meet with me, I created an optional service. If you not want to wait for me to contact you – but want to meet with me right away then click here

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My clients will tell you why:

“Dear Joann,

First, I wanted to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for finding me the perfect match.

I truly appreciate your diligent approach emphasizing both patience and playfulness that encouraged me to relax and have fun throughout the whole match making process.

Your delicate blend of intuition and insight enabled you to discern and match my most subtle qualities that would ensure a solid match!!!

My new relationship has blossomed quickly into something wonderful and lasting.

Thank you for doing an outstanding job!!!

Second, I wanted to provide some advice to any potential new clients that may be unsure about using your match making service.

My straight forward advice is to sign up now and trust your professional judgment.

As a hardworking professional in my own field, I have learned to trust the professional expertise of other professionals to deliver an outstanding result.

If I were a lawyer, then I would not be so foolish as to defend myself in court.

Similarly, I would not diagnose and treat myself if I were a physician.

So why would I pursue a relationship without the supportive hand of an expert Relationship Professional like yourself.

The result speaks for itself!!!


– KT

When we sat down and talked about what type of girl I was interested in pursuing, I expressed that intellectually we would have to be compatible and I was skeptical at first since other dating methods outside of the traditional meet have required a volume of first dates to find someone of quality. Joann, not only did you hit the nail on the head with my first date but we had so many more like qualities and complimentary differences, I would certainly classify you as the match doctor. Your interview process is by far is miles ahead of the online dating concept. Thank you, thank you.

– Christian

Phoenix Matchmaker- Find the love life you’ve been looking for

Are you tired of the bar scene and are ready to meet high-quality men who are looking for a relationship. I’m Phoenix Matchmaker Joann Cohen and I can help you meet the type of successful, high-caliber men that you’ve been looking for.


What Do My Clients Say

“Thank you Joann Cohen! I’m sure Joann has dozens and dozens of clients both male and female. It takes experience and talent to find two individuals who not only appear to be good matches on paper but in person as well. I have done online dating in the past and found it exhausting and very time consuming. This experience was entirely the opposite. I had a great first visit with Joann. She took about 45 minutes to ask me questions and get to know who I am and what I’m looking for in a partner. It was a pleasant meeting and she made it very easy. Two days after our meeting, the match she picked for me, called and my new journey began. So far, it has been wonderful! This man is everything I’ve been looking for and even more. I feel fortunate to have met him. Joann must’ve sensed we would do well together and she was right. I would highly recommend Joann Cohen if you are looking for a relationship with a genuine person who is looking for the same thing. The process was easy, enjoyable and for me the end result- excellent!”


“I’ve just started working with Joann Cohen and all I can say thus far is that it has been a pleasure. Online dating was something I had tried in the past and while it led to many dates, the majority of them were futile. I felt confident in Joann’s capabilities within the first moments of speaking and meeting with her, and the dates I have gone on are leaps and bounds above many blind dates I’ve gone on before. Joann is the go-to matchmaker and all my single ladies will be getting her info!”