Terms and Conditions

Joann Cohen Coaching LLC (Referred to JCC) CC is in the business of providing professional matchmaking services to persons who are interested in attempting to find a compatible mate with whom such person can develop a long-term personal relationship.  In undertaking such services, JCC introduces its clients to persons who are also interested in being introduced to persons who may become a compatible mate with whom a long-term relationship may be developed.  Introducee desires to become one of the persons to whom JCC introduces its clients.

Introducee will provide JCC with all personal information requested by JCC so that JCC can provide the highest quality professional matchmaking services to its clients and Introducee.  Such information will include Introducee’s age, physical information, general financial information, religion, ethnicity, and all other information requested by JCC.  Much of this information will be provided to JCC by Introducee on forms given by JCC to Introducee to be filled out.  Introducee hereby warrants and covenants that all such information given by Introducee to JCC is fully accurate and truthful.  If any such information given by Introducee to JCC changes after it is given to JCC, Introducee shall inform JCC of such change(s) within seven (7) days thereof.

In addition to the personal information described in the previous paragraph, Introducee will provide JCC with Introducee’s preferences in regard to the type mate in which Introducee is interested, including background, lifestyle, physical characteristics, interests, as well as all other preferences of Introducee in such regard.
In entering into this Agreement, Introducee warrants and covenants that Introducee is sincerely seeking a long-term personal relationship.

If Introducee enters into a long-term personal relationship with a person introduced by JCC, Introducee will give prompt notice of such situation to JCC.  In addition, Introducee will provide JCC with status reports of introductions and relationships on a regular basis which shall be no less than monthly.
Introducee acknowledges that the information provided by Introducee to JCC will be shared with other persons to whom JCC would intend to match with Introducee.  Although JCC will take reasonable steps to disclose such information in careful discretion, Introducee acknowledges that JCC cannot guarantee to further dissemination of such information or the improper use thereof.

Introducee shall keep all information received from JCC about persons introduced to Introducee fully confidential.  Introducee shall not further disclose any such information about any person disclosed by JCC to Introducee without the written authorization of such person or JCC.

Introducee shall indemnify and hold harmless JCC and all of its members, managers, officers, employees, and agents, from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, causes of action, or similar matter which are brought against JCC or the other indemnified persons as a result of any matter related to this Agreement.  This shall include any such matter related to or brought by Introducee or any person introduced to or disclosed to Introducee.  This shall also include attorney’s fees, costs, and disbursements.

Introducee acknowledges that Introducee, and not JCC, is fully responsible for any and all matters related to Introducee’s interaction and relationship with an introduced person.  In this regard, Introducee shall be responsible for undertaking Introducee’s own due diligence and investigation of such person.  JCC shall not be responsible to Introducee for any unfortunate outcome of an introduction pursuant to this Agreement.

JCC does not guarantee a successful match or outcome as is intended by this Agreement.  Introducee acknowledges that Introducee has significantly greater control over such outcomes and that JCC is only involved in introducing potential relationship opportunities to Introducee.

This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter addressed herein.  All prior and contemporaneous agreements, understandings, conditions, warranties, and representations are hereby suspended by this Agreement.

This Agreement shall be deemed for all purposes to have been made in the State of Arizona and shall be governed by and construed under and in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona.  The parties agree to negotiate in good faith to resolve any disputes, disagreements, questions, claims, or similar matters in regard to this Agreement or any matter in regard to the relationship between the parties.  If such matters cannot be resolved by negotiations between the parties, such matters shall be resolved by mandatory arbitration by a single arbitrator in accordance with rules set by the arbitrator and judgment upon any award may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction.  The prevailing party shall be entitled to recover all expenses of arbitration, including reasonable attorney’s fees.  Venue of such arbitration shall be set in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Either party may make a demand for arbitration by filing the demand in writing with the other party.  This provision for arbitration shall be an absolute bar to any other legal proceedings between the parties hereto and the arbitrator’s decision shall not be appealable.