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Set forth below are the terms and conditions (these “Terms and Conditions”) governing all joanncohen.com sites including joanncohen.com, joanncohencoaching.com

In use of this website and services, the term “Joann Cohen Coaching LLC” refers to joanncohen.com, joanncohencoching.com and Joann Cohen who is the sole owner and operator of the Website.

Joann Cohen LLC may modify websites and Terms and Conditions at any time.  No notice is required to make these changes.

If you use this site, you are responsible for making your own decisions. Joann Cohen does not offer counseling and psychological services. If you decide to use the advice posted, it is your responsibility.

Joann Cohen Coaching LLC does not guarantee to provide any services. Decisions to work with anyone as a client is at her sole discretion. Joann Cohen may refer someone to other services that she believes may be useful. This is not an endorsement nor guarantee of those services. It is your decision and responsibility to follow up and utilize those services. She is not responsible for the actions, inactions or results of those services and companies.

Joann Cohen is committed to helping Clients to achieve their goals. Therefore scheduled time with her must be a priority. If appointments must be changed, you will notify her at least 72 hours in advance. You are responsible for payment for missed appointments and you are not eligible for refunds or credits of appointments with less than 3 business days (full 72 business hours). If you are late for an appointment, your coaching/matchmaking consultation session or appointment will still end at the originally scheduled time. Appointments that are re-scheduled with less than 3 full business days (72 hours) will be subject to a re-scheduling fee. 

If you ask any questions through email, mail, or other methods, they become the property of Joann Cohen Coaching LLC. If published the question may be edited as Joann Cohen determines is appropriate.

You are encouraged to review the information provided on the website and ask questions. However, you are responsible for your own decisions. Joann Cohen does not provide psychological counseling. If you feel these services are needed,  it is your decision to make that decision and responsibility to seek psychological counseling or any other services.