“Hi Joann, I want to say thank you for taking the time to work with me, and for each of the beautiful dates you set me up with. I was a little skeptical at first, but am now truly amazed with the quality of women you introduced me to. All of them were smart, sincere, funny, beautiful, and excited to meet me. It didn’t take me long to find the one. Thank you, again.”


"Hope you are doing well during these trying times. Here is a bit of sunshine to brighten your day.

We are so excited to share with you news of our engagement.

You can add another couple to your list of successful matches.  You really seem to have a "knack" for this.

Without you there would be no us.

We are truly in debt to you and appreciate the huge role you played in us meeting each other and finding true love.

You have made a difference in both our lives.

PS Save the date - Spring 2021!"


"Finding love on my own was no simple task. I am extremely busy with my career, so meeting a beautiful, quality woman on my own seemed impossible. I had been greatly disappointed by the types of women I had been meeting online, and even in-person at local events. The women I was finding on my own were not meeting my expectations. I was tired of wasting my time and energy on dates that were wrong for me. I desired a woman that was worldly, passionate, adventurous, knowledgeable, and as wise as she is beautiful; a woman who would make a great wife and mother to my future children. I wanted to meet someone that would share my sense of humor, hunger for knowledge, and worldview, and would love and accept me for who I am.

When I hired Joann, I knew that I would meet a beautiful and quality woman. Still, I was shocked by how perfectly things worked out! It hadn’t even taken Joann one week to find my soulmate! I signed the contract with Joann on May 16 just before traveling overseas for a business trip. While away, on May 24, Joann sent me the profile of Amanda, my first match. On May 28, we met for our first date.

Amanda is a dream-come-true. She and I are so similar, and attuned to one another, that we state each other’s thoughts and finish each other’s sentences all the time. We are very deeply in love with one another and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Thanks Joann! You are the best!”


“Working with Joann is unlike any other matchmaking service I have used before. The experience begins with an enjoyable interview where Joann really takes the time to get to understand who you are and who would be your ideal match. She then came over to my house to even better understand my lifestyle and personality. Within days, I was matched with high caliber, hand selected women who were passionate about who they were and women who were equally wanting quality, lifelong relationships. Every encounter was personalized and a pleasant experience. Joann would provide coaching before and after each encounter. She receives immediate feedback to share with both parties to help sharpen the next experience. Joann seems always available and eager to help. She truly wants not Mrs. Now for you but Mrs. Right.

The simple benefit of working with Joann is that she offers personalized matchmaking services. She will attend events where women of your type congregate be it an artwalk, ethnic festival, culinary event, charity event or elsewhere to find your ideal match. She is not about mass marketing, but instead uses her efforts to scout for the client. She provides immediate feedback and is a great dating coach even after you find your match. I now have my ideal match and use Joann just to pass my own relationship questions by. My advice to any client would be to “do your homework” and ask any matchmaking firm for references and reviews. Joann is well below the cost of the nationally publicized matchmaking firms and will provide more encounters, and better matches.”


"When my wife passed away after 27 years of a very happy and rewarding marriage, I realized that I had to replace the lost companionship or look forward to a bleak future.

I was turned off by the hit or miss relationships that might come from the impersonal internet, so I began looking for a more personal way to meet the right woman. When my research turned up your service, I liked the personal approach that you described. Our first meeting confirmed for me your obvious dedication to your clients in finding the right match for them.

The first match that you arranged for me was as far as I had to go; we have found that we share so many of the same interests and qualities! We both know what we want and are looking forward to an exciting future together. You truly have the magic touch. I would never have met this warm and lovely lady but for you.

A heartfelt thank you from both of us.”


“I contacted Joann because I had become frustrated with the dating process and I wasn’t meeting many women who were good matches for me. I learned pretty quickly that Joann understands how men and women think and relate to each other, and she was able to help me understand and better navigate the process of getting to know women in a romantic context. Joann challenged me (in a good way) to get out of my comfort zone a little and to meet a lot of women (including those who were not her clients), and that was very helpful to me. Along the way, I learned that success requires faith, hard work and a commitment to keep getting back up on the horse after getting bucked off a few times. Joann’s encouragement throughout the process was so important. Finding The One isn’t easy – but nothing worth having ever is, and the end result has been worth the investment!

Joann is honest and has integrity, which is rare in this industry. She asks tough questions and requires integrity from her clients. Joann doesn’t take on clients whom she can’t help, and if you’re a guy looking for something other than a serious, committed relationship, she’ll probably tell you to take a hike. I think there is both a science and an art to matchmaking, and Joann handles both pieces very well. Joann is careful, organized and communicates well; she is a good listener who takes the time to understand you, to learn what makes you tick and to discover what is most important to you. Joann is fun – she has a great sense of humor, she makes the process enjoyable and we shared a lot of laughs along the way. Joann is also passionate about what she does – she keeps asking me when the wedding is, and where is her invitation!

I was a challenging client for Joann to match because I am a Christian and, to me, that means a lot more than simply checking a box on a profile or showing up at church once or twice a year – and there simply aren’t many single women out there who share that commitment. Even though Joann does not (yet) share my beliefs, I respect and appreciate the fact that she understood how my faith is at the core center of who I am as a person and respected how important it was to me to find a like-minded wife. During the process, Joann introduced me to several remarkable women. Of course, not everyone you meet will be a perfect match, but I was quite impressed with the overall quality of these women. Most of all, though, I definitely felt like Joann was taking a very personal interest in making sure I met my match.

Joann matched me with a kind, beautiful, intelligent, athletic, Godly young lady, and I could not possibly be happier. We admire each other’s character, we are very much on the same page about God’s design for relationships, we laugh and pray together often, we have become great friends who support and encourage each other every day, and our growing chemistry and mutual attraction is now completely off the charts! It’s amazing how well-matched and complementary we are in so many areas – I have to pinch myself regularly to make sure I’m not dreaming!

Thank you so much, Joann, and don’t worry – the wedding will be soon enough, and we’ll make sure you have a seat right up front!”


“My experience with Joann was excellent. Joann took the time to understand my lifestyle, where I am in my journey, and what I want in a committed partner.

I am a busy professional executive juggling work, life, and being a father to two young children. I have my children half the time but their extracurricular activities are all the time. This limits the time I have to meet new people and certainly limits the time I have to screen for a quality person.

Joann maintains a high standard when interviewing and qualifying potential dating candidates. I found a great match within the first few introductions but my dates and interactions with all the women were first class. I appreciate the coaching and constructive feedback I have received during the dating process. Thank you Joann ”


“I was more than impressed with Joann Cohen as my matchmaker. She did exactly what I asked.

I was looking for a life partner, mate that met certain criteria and she went out and found that person for me. It took her a very short time. I realize matchmaking is not a perfect science, but Joann took the time to really listen to my needs and then went out and found the person that fit those criteria. It did not take her long, about 12 weeks as I recall.

Joann is extremely prompt about getting back to you about your dates and she keeps matching you. My experience is that she got me dating and then kept me dating until I found the woman I wanted. And she checked in with me once a week. If I needed more matches see saw to it immediately, but the volume and quality of matches was not a problem. When I needed her to make adjustments, I asked her to make them and she took care of it.

In any event, I have worked with other matchmakers in the past, the rest seemed to just be throwing me together with people on dates, Joann has a unique grasp and understanding of how women think, and in many instances, not all, what they are actually like, personality wise, and she went the extra mile to match me with the personality style of woman I was looking for as well as in the looks department and I could not be happier.

I would be more than happy to recommend Joann to any man looking to find a good matchmaker.”- Engaged!

P.S. If you’re a man, over 30, in the Phoenix, Scottsdale area and your still looking for a woman in a bar or hoping to meet one randomly at the grocery store that’s going to match what you’re really looking for, give it up my friend and hire Joann!


“My experience working with Joann has been life changing. She took the time to really get to know me as a person and understand what I’m looking for. Using this information, she was able to introduce me to very high quality matches that I would not have otherwise met. After meeting each match, she provided prompt feedback and continually evolved her search process to really hone in on the type of partner I’m looking for.

I am very happy to report I am currently in a committed relationship with an exceptional young lady that could possibly be the love of my life. Couldn’t ask for more that that, and Joann made it happen.”


“The service that Joann offers is unique from all of the rest because of who Joann is. Her commitment to ethical integrity is exceptional, she has a tremendous work ethic, and her emphatic approach makes difficult conversations easy.

From the very beginning I was impressed with the straight forward approach with no sales gimmicks. During the dating process, she was always reassessing and refining her understanding of who I would be compatible with and would get genuinely excited for me at the prospect of a good match.

She was excellent at offering tips and suggestions and occasionally some direct feedback when necessary. I cannot imagine a better matchmaker to have on your team for this journey."


“Working with Joann has been a wonderful and unique experience. From start to finish Joann has truly gone above and beyond my expectations. After being out of the dating scene for two years I decided to jump back in. Several bad dating sites later I became skeptical of the entire matchmaking process. A picture and a paragraph proved to be only one small piece of the puzzle.

One conversation with Joann changed my entire outlook on dating all together. Her depth of knowledge and genuine compassion really moved me. By analyzing some of my past experiences Joann was able to help me to see the entire picture. Her sound advice really put everything in perspective. I was so impressed by her insight that I was more than ready to begin.

The process that Joann employs is worlds apart from anything else out there. Joann adds a personal touch that really goes a long way. Furthermore, I really like the fact that Joann places more emphasis on “quality” rather than quantity. Many sites and services are more worried about playing a numbers game. However Joann focuses more on finding the right woman for you. She does an excellent job of really taking the time to know what you are looking for.

What really sets Joann apart from the competition is the valuable feedback and coaching that you are given throughout the entire process. No Dating site or service can come close to offering the level of support that Joann provides on a daily basis. Joann Cohen is truly an expert and has helped me to learn and grow in so many ways. I highly recommend Joann Cohen to anyone who is serious about finding the right woman.”


"Joann is an amazing matchmaker. I have worked with many of matchmakers, but none like Joann. She is very knowledgeable in matchmaking and understanding the dating scene. Joann really cares about her clients, and is such a great resource of knowledge. I would recommend Joann to anyone looking to understand dating, or wanting to meet the right person. The biggest investment in life is a life partner. Why not have an expert on your side to coach you all the way? She helped me realize and understand about me, and what type of partners are for me. To me this information was priceless. I am now engaged to the most wonderful woman in the world. I can’t say enough great things about her. I wish I would have used Joann years ago."


“Good Morning JC. Following up after our conversation yesterday.

When I initially signed your contract, I thought I was taking a more rifle approach to finding a mate. That is a true statement, but I did not know how much personal growth has come with your services. 🙂 I feel like I’m a better person.

It has been a self reflecting journey that has been interesting and fulfilling. I have opened up and feel more comfortable sharing my feelings with women.

I have listened to you when you point out and call me out on things that I have said and done while dating. Explaining to me how women think about certain subjects is been very enlightening and valuable.

You ask good questions. You have become a confidant. I feel comfortable, asking uncomfortable questions to you.

Joann Cohen can not only help you find a life time companion, she can also coach you to be a better person. Personal life coach and match maker all rolled up into one. What price can you put on being a better person? If you want to be a better person.

I'm sure there are some men that feel they are just fine the way they are. Not me. I have 10-12 really productive, active years left and I want to make the most of them. I want to be the best person I can be for those years and share that with a woman who feels the same way. J.C. thanks for making a big difference in my life, not just dishing up some beautiful women, but helping me be a better man.

Love You!”


Testimonials From Women

"Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…who ever thought I would fill out my profile with an Executive Matchmaker!? For starters, I have no problem getting dates but finding Mr. Right…well, that’s a whole different story! But then reality sets in. I’m really looking to meet that special someone and using a professional just makes sense. A friend recommended to try Joann and no joke… I was insanely skeptical. I decided I would go for the consultation and see how I felt. To my surprise, I had never been more comfortable talking about myself or sharing my personal relationship experiences. Joanne is like a close girlfriend…one that knows you so well and just understands what makes you tick! Next step, meet this “great guy she had for me.” I thought it was all BS! But I was willing to let my heart play a bigger role. Time to take a chance. As in the real world, first impressions can sometimes be everything. And my first impression…”Oh, I can definitely work with this!” Well, one month later and “I’m still MOST definitely working with this!” So far so GOOD. Thanks Joann!”


“Thank you are not strong enough words to express how grateful I am to Joann! After a lot of wasted time in clubs and enduring online dating nightmares, I had almost decided that being alone may be my best option. Finding men who wanted to date me was the easy part. I kept longing for a connection that was impossible to find on a computer or at the local pick up bars. I soon realized that Joann was the one matchmaker who could bring hope into my life again. Joann changed my view of matchmaking entirely. She took the time to get to know me. She was patient, genuine, and extremely knowledgeable about what I needed to do in order to find love. She knows a lot about communication and what is essential for a strong bond between men and women. She has a gift that can help so many people.

At 44, I thought I knew a lot about what I wanted, but she seemed to know exactly what I wanted and needed. My lifelong vision of having a deep connection and amazing chemistry with the ideal man came true surprisingly on Joann’s first try. I’m not sure, but I think she had been saving him just for me. I felt like I knew him on our very first date. I wish I would’ve worked with her sooner. I am so grateful to her for finding the one man that I have wanted my whole life. I will be recommending that all my friends to her.”


“I am delighted to share the experiences I have had with Joann Cohen in the fields of dating and matchmaking. I met Joann at a social event some time ago. She introduced herself as a matchmaker and asked if I’d be interested in joining her data base. Joann assured me that she had quality male clientele, successful professional males interested in meeting like females. She assured me that there would be no cost to me. The men interested in using her services would be responsible for financial costs.

Joann interviewed me in her office shortly after we met. The rest is history. I was introduced to a wonderful man, successful, articulate, caring, well suited to my personality and interests. Truly – the MATCH has been highly successful. We have been together 2 years and have shared living arrangements for almost a year.

Joann is so good at what she does. Her data base spans many age brackets. Neither my partner nor I are “sweet young things”. Yet she saw that we would be compatible and arranged the meeting.

Although I would not have sought out a matchmaker, my partner decided that that would be the best way for him to meet quality people.I am so happy he did. I would not hesitate to recommend Joann to anyone wanting a meaningful and lasting relationship.”


“As busy young professional looking to meet Mr. Right in Scottsdale, I found myself meeting very successful and charming men to date…..but sometimes missing key character traits and values I am looking for in a future husband. Upon meeting Joann, I was reluctant at first mostly just because professional matchmaking was a foreign concept to me. However, after sitting down with her even for the first five minutes, I immediately felt comfortable with her because of her sincerity and genuine nature and found myself opening up and sharing things with her that I don’t even share with my girlfriends!

Joann set me up right away with a wonderful man who is an amazing match for me. We are very compatible with similar interests, morals, goals and he makes me laugh! Bonus! We are about a month into dating and so far I feel we are on a great track. I feel like Joann really took into consideration my wants/needs, morals, goals, busy lifestyle and matched me with a man who is my ideal. The amazing thing about working with Joann is that I would have never met this wonderful man in my everyday life – our paths would have likely never crossed so by having Joann do the matching, she has opened up my world to a whole new realm of possibilities and hopefully a long term future with a wonderful man!"


“My experience with Joann has been great! A friend, who knew 2 couples that Joann brought together, told me about her match making service so I figured I would give it a try. I’ve tried online dating before and was only meeting guys that weren’t serious about dating. I met with Joanne and she had a guy in mind for me right away. I met him about a week later and haven’t stopped seeing him since. He’s an attractive guy with great qualities and he’s a great match for me! I would definitely recommend Joann to anyone that is looking for something special.”


When I met Joann in person I saw her heart for helping people find healthy, lasting relationships and she did just that for me! I have met many men who claimed to be “christian” but didn’t hold the same values and beliefs as I did. She connected me with a likeminded godly, Christian man who not only matched my belief and value system but who walks a life of integrity, honor and duty. Our relationship is growing into something real and lasting and Joann was a BIG part of that and I am forever thankful!! Joann has knowledge in understanding the difference between the title “christian” and the real thing and matched us with one another. Joann is direct, assertive and kind. She shows professionalism and honesty from the start. We benefited greatly from the open lines of communication and all of the work she does behind the scenes! She knows what she is doing and works hard to get you results. She made something that was so frustrating at one time very seamless and natural for everyone involved. She is greatly needed in our world where men and women fumble around trying to figure out WHAT it is they want and HOW they go about FINDING it and KEEPING it instead of signing up for heartache after heartache and dead end streets! She meets a great need!

A word to potential new clients; do you want different results in your relationships? Are you sick of “gambling” online or just waiting and “hoping”; more like wishful thinking for the right person to fall into your lap? Do you want to stop the cycle of pain and frustration? There is hope but you can’t expect things to change if you keep doing what you are doing. You have to do something different.

Be courageous, make your call and connect with Joann, one of the top relationship experts who will help you find out WHAT you want and HOW to get it. Life is short and the time is now! Take action and get the help you need from an expert in relationships and matching people! Joann will NOT waste your time and will work hard with and for you, helping you get what you have been looking for. If you are willing to work and embrace this adventure and if you truly are seeking a lasting relationship, make your move. I have found her services to be discreet, confidential and trusted just as stated. The time is NOW!

I am very thankful for Joann and for her services in helping me find an amazing, godly man! Keep up the life changing work Joann!