Online Disappearing Act

Online Disappearing Act


Have You Experienced The Online Disappearing Act?


Have you experienced the common Online Disappearing Act people pull while online dating?

If you are like most of my clients, you were contacted by someone an online dating. You exchanged a few interesting emails. Then you asked for his  or her phone number. Things were going well, so you were hopeful as you waited for the phone to ring for a week

As one week turns to two though, you couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

“Where did he vanish?”

“Did I say something wrong?”

Maybe you did say something to kill the attraction. Maybe it was one of the five other common reasons people disappear online after emailing. The reasons for the Online Disappearing Act:

1. She Wanted an Email Pen Pal

No matter how charming you are, some  only want to exchange emails. Maybe they aren’t really ready to date anyone, maybe their confidence is low, or maybe they just like having an inbox full of potential dates.

Emailing is easy, yet dating is challenging. Some singles aren’t ready for this challenge.

2. He Wants Bigger and Better 

No matter how attractive, smart and charming you are, some  always want a bigger and better version. Maybe someone new just emailed them or a person showed up in their daily matches.

These people think they are searching for love, when they are really searching for excitement. The other person isn’t “better” but new. So they’ll not only drop you without a word to pursue their new favorite. Often they never end up dating anyone but stay online searching for – newer and better.

3. She Noticed a Deal-Breaker

No matter how amazing you are, you aren’t perfect for everyone. Maybe they rechecked your profile and noticed you love dogs, yet he loves cats. Maybe you love meatballs and she only eats leafy greens.

We each have deal-breakers and if you break the deal being yourself, then you’ve saved both of you some time.

4. Overload

You have probably experienced it. There are so many emails, so many people, so many first meetings, too many disappointments of women not being like their profiles (just as women have some unhappy first meeting surprises) – too many that equals too much. One disappointment too many and he feels that it just isn’t worth continuing – at least for now. So feeling overwhelmed, and disappointed he takes a break from online dating.

5. He Found Someone

It’s a matter of timing. Many of my clients do find love online. One day it could happen to you too.

 Of course, there are other reasons for the Online Disappearing Act. People vanish online. When you spend your energy pondering those who have vanished, you miss out on the people who haven’t.

Maybe with the next email you send, you will meet someone you are truly compatible with.

If you aren’t sure how to start online dating, disappointed or overwhelmed, contact me to discuss how working with me can help you save time and meet someone faster.

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