Top 5 Mistakes Men Make on a First Date


Top 5 Mistakes Men Make on a First Date

Have You Done It?

Top 5 Mistakes Men Make on a First Date


As a guy, have you ever wondered why you never got a call back after your first date? Have you tried to figure out what you might have done wrong? Sadly, the woman isn’t going to tell you. Which is why I am here to offer some great dating advice for men.

Remember many women have numerous options and like you, they don’t want to settle. And that first date is a lot more involved for a woman. She will spend days thinking ow what to wear, and then spend more time to get her hair and makeup just right. Because of that, she is not in a rush to do that again for someone who didn’t knock her socks off on the first date.

It is a fact; everyone makes a judgment from their first impression. As a Scottsdale Matchmaker women tell me the real reasons they don’t want to go out again with a man. Have you made one or more of the Top 5 Mistakes Men Make on a First Date?  The following dating advice for men is intended to make sure your first date is memorable and you get a second date. Avoid the following at all costs!

  • Excessive talking, without listening: Many guys think they can build themselves up by talking of their exploits for the entire night. Women are not dumb though, and they see this as a way for insecure men to overcompensate for things they are lacking. Plus, chances are that when you are mainly talking about yourself – you are boring! And no, asking her “Enough about me. What do you think of me?” won’t do it. Try to listen more and talk less.
  • Forgetting chivalry and manners: Not only is chivalry not dead, but it will get you some serious brownie points. Don’t forget to do the little things like opening the door for her, allowing her to enter first, pulling out her chair, etc. This also applies to table manners. We all know what it takes to be a gentleman, and now is the time to put that knowledge to good use.
  • Not looking your best: It doesn’t take long to properly groom yourself, so why do some men show up for first dates looking like hobos? Shave, make your hair look nice, cut your fingernails, iron your clothes, and most importantly, come with breath mints.
  • Not being prepared: By prepared I mean a plan. The woman expects the man to be in charge of the date (You asked her out), and therefore, it is your responsibility to make all the arrangements. Know what you want to do, where you want to go and make sure you have your reservations in place and also make sure you know how to get to where to you are going. Getting lost on a first date is not a good start.
  • Discussing controversial topics: You are guaranteedto not have a second date if you start talking about an ex-girlfriend. Keep the conversation limited to common topics, like hobbies, goals, interests, sports, movies, or any other positive topics.

Lastly, and this is great dating advice for men, tell her that you had a good time and that you’ll be calling her before the night has ended. She will love the fact that you are showing an interest in her (assuming she is interested in you). The added benefit is if she isn’t interested in you, then you can usually figure that out by her response, rather than sitting by the phone for a call that will never come.

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