Top 10 Ways to Find a Date for Valentine’s Day

Arizona dating Find a Date for Valentine’s Day

This year you don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day by yourself. Maybe you’ve had too many Valentine’s Days alone. Or you just broke up with someone and don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone. No fear. Discover how you can Find a Date for Valentine’s Day or any other day.

You just have to be open.

Open to trying things that haven’t worked in the past.

Testing new ideas that make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

So take a deep breath and let’s go!

Top Ten Suggestions to Find a Date for Valentine’s Day

Go Online

Start Swiping
If you want a date for Valentine’s Day, put it on your profile. Put a no pressure, not desperate message that you’d like to spend a casual Valentine’s Day with someone who is funny and interesting. Or if that’s not your style, write that you’re looking for someone who wants to have an Anti-Valentine Day together.

The top dating apps to find the most singles are Tinder or Bumble. Start swiping to find your date.

Find a date for Valentine's day

Online Dating.
Regular online dating is still very popular. And finding a date for Valentine’s day is easier than finding dates other times of the year!

The busiest time for online dating is between December 26 and February 14. Get online when there are more singles seeking someone. There other singles looking for someone just like you to spend Valentine’s Day with.

Go Online to Get Offline

Facebook it.
Love it or hate, seems like everyone is still on Facebook. Including singles – just like you. But how do you meet them?

Plan a party before Valentine’s Day and invite everyone. This doesn’t have to be your home but can be a coffee shop or club. Create an event, invite everyone on your Facebook friend list and ask them to invite all their friends. Just make sure you invite your crush.

Find a Date for Valentine’s Day

Look for Singles Events online.
There are lots of events that cater to singles of all ages. In Arizona, check out New Times for a list of events.

For Book lovers – Changing Hands is having a special event for valentine’s day. This sounds so much like me that I may just have to drop by!

Make Your Own Party on Meetup.
You can create your own meetup group to meet people like you. Meetup is pretty flexible on the types of groups and how you can attend events. If having your own meetup is too much of a commitment – ask a meetup you belong to if you can create an event.

Most meetup organizers get fatigued with planning events. They will welcome someone planning a quality event.

Say Yes.
To that guy your friends have wanted you to meet. To that woman who works with your friend’s wife that you’re being nagged to meet. If you want a date for Valentine’s Day, you don’t want to say no to anyone your friends say yes to.

Hit a Bar.
There are lots of pick up places for singles of all ages in the Phoenix area. For the mature crowd, try Blue Martini before 10PM. After 10, you’ll start seeing a younger group.   For the 30+ singles, you’ve got lot of choices. Claim your spot in the bars at Steak 44, Maestro’s City Hall, or Ocean Club. Just be careful of the gold diggers and 30k Millionaires. If you’re under 35, anything in old town Scottsdale.

Find a Date for Valentine’s Day

Start shopping.
Right now, you don’t want to start cooking everything at home. Check out the pre-made food at Whole Foods and A.J.s. Make sure you hit these grocery stores at lunch and after work when the weary singles are grabbing a meal. If you’re college age- the Safeway in Tempe on Broadway, attracts lots of college aged singles. Check the beer and wine aisles starting Thursdays.

How to find a Date for Valentine's day Arizona matchmaking

Get Your Cup of Joe.
Make time in your schedule to spend some time at a busy coffee shop. Lots of busy entrepreneurs and singles who like coffee shops can be hanging out. Claim a seat and spend some time glancing at your IPAD and seeing who is also taking a break. (jo – how to flirt here). There are a lot of coffee shops to meet singles. The Lux attracts the Encanto type. Kierland Starbucks seems to have a large selection of singles and is well known for singles to meet.

Go to super bowl party.
You’ve probably been invited to a few Super Bowl parties. These can be great occasions. Everyone is yelling, emotions are high and everyone is looking for food. (I obviously don’t get football – so this is how I see what happens). It’s a great way to mingle and meet someone.

Chances are, you don’t like all these ideas on how to find a date for Valentine’s Day. That’s okay. Try one or two.

Whether you want a date for Valentine’s Day or want a partner,  do something. Try something new. Something outside of your usual routine.

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